What are you looking to bring into your life? If you know the answer to that question, our energy bracelets for men will help you to achieve exactly what you want. Energy Muse creates special healing bracelets for men that allow you to turn your every dream and desire into a reality. Each energy bracelet holds ancient healing powers to cleanse and purify your body and to capture and release the energy you need to transform your life. 
energy bracelets for men
  • Sun Wrap for Men

    Happiness • Power • MotivationMade with Citrine, Yellow Jasper, Tiger's Eye and Pyrite, the Sun Wrap for Men aligns you with the energy of the sun. Wear this bracelet to feel positive vibrations of happiness to help lift your spirits. It is a talisman for personal power and…
  • Transformation Bracelet

    Release • Let Go • ChangeOld habits are hard to break, but with the energy of this Transformation Bracelet, it gets a lot easier. While it’s still up to you to put in the effort, the energy of this bracelet was specifically designed to help you overcome the obstacles of stress,…
  • Wisdom Bracelet

    Insight • Enlightenment • InstinctsWise people are often revered for their intelligence and insight, but it’s their ability to trust themselves that gives them true power. Our Wisdom bracelet is designed to help you trust and follow your own instincts. Know that you are enough; that…

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