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Meditation Pyramid


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These Meditation Pyramids are powerful energy tools that shift the energy to exactly what you need. Meditate underneath it daily to help deepen your meditation, calm the mind, balance the chakras and enhance creativity. It helps you to release anxiety, negativity and stress to create balance and harmony in your life.

Size: 50"


The moment you sit underneath a meditation pyramid, the energy shifts to exactly what you need. For some, it’s grounding and calming. For others, it’s reenergizing and invigorating. It is different for every person, and everyone will have a different energetic experiences. One thing remains constant: a powerful vortex of healing energy resides underneath it. 

Just as with the smaller healing pyramids, a large meditation pyramid amplifies the energy of whatever is underneath it. Many gurus and spiritual leaders meditate under a pyramid daily to receive its serenity and calming effect. Meditating underneath a pyramid naturally balances and aligns the chakras and meridians. If used on a daily basis, sitting underneath a meditation pyramid deepens your meditation, calms the mind, removes negativity and truly heals the mind, body and emotions.

Meditating underneath a pyramid connects you with a world beyond the self. As soon as you sit beneath it, the world seems calmer and quieter. We have one of these powerful pyramids in our Sacred Healing Room, and Heather and Timmi each have one in their homes. Heather says that she sits underneath her pyramid every day—whether its to meditate, to write her blog posts or to work with new healing crystals. It is a sacred space where enhanced creativity and a release of anxiety and stress reside. She says that she even finds her children and dog sitting under it from time to time!

The tubes, or pipes, of the meditation pyramid are made of extruded titanium, which is very harmonizing to the body. This pyramid design is based on the sacred geometry of the phi or Fibonacci ratio.

Size: 50” tall

Please note: The crystals and energy tools pictured are not included. The pyramid does break down into smaller lengths to make it more portable for travel. No coupon codes are valid and all sales are final on these healing pyramids. 


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