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Malachite Slice

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X-Small 1-1.5" • Small 1.5-2" • Medium 2-3" • Large 3-4" • X-large 4-5"

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Transformation • Change • Breaking Habits
Using a Malachite Slice in your space will add balance and help you to create positive shifts in your environment. As a stone known for stimulating financial change and growth, a Malachite Slice is a must-have for your office or desk at work.  


If you are looking to boost your love or financial life, a Malachite Slice is the stone you need. Malachite is known for bringing transformations in these two areas of life. It connects with the heart to help you recognize negative or inhibiting patterns. But with the awareness that Malachite brings, also comes solutions. Let Malachite energy guide you toward more beneficial patterns that you can invest in.

Origin: Democratic Republic of Congo

How to Use a Malachite Slice:

To use a Malachite Slice, simply set in your space. If you’re looking to create changes in your love life, place it in your bedroom. If you’re seeking to shift your finances or career life, set the Malachite Slice on your desk at work.


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