Love Crystal Candle

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The Love Crystal Candle was designed with love in mind. Featuring 6 Rose Quartz chips to represent the number of love, as well as rose and geranium essential oils and dried rose petals, this candle is the ultimate energy tool to fill your space, and yourself, with love. Love is the highest vibration. Burning the Love Crystal Candle can you attune your energy and the energy of your home with those high vibes by calling on the power of Rose Quartz crystal. Because 6 is the number that represents love, this candle features 6 Rose Quartz chips. It also combines rose and geranium essential oils, which work together to align your energy with love and happiness. Whether you are hoping to attract a new love prospect, strengthen a romantic bond, or create a loving home environment, this is the perfect candle to help you manifest your love intentions. The coconut oil used to produce this candle is extracted from the kernel of mature coconuts that are sustainably harvested from the Coconut Palm tree (Cocos Nucifera). Coconuts are a renewable and sustainable resource since no tree is cut down in order to pick the coconuts and extract the coconut oil. The coconut palm tree is known as a "three generation" tree because one tree lives and bears fruit for up to 60 years, which means it can support a farmer, the farmer’s children, and the farmer’s grandchildren over three generations. The coconut trees are not sprayed with pesticides and the coconut wax is vegan. We used coconut oil because it has a lower melt point which helps to keep the therapeutic benefits and phytoactive values of the essential oils alive in the most holistic way. This candle is made using real essential oils to create a plant-based aroma. On the back of your candle, there is a space for you to write down one love intention or wish. The connection of ink, intention, crystal, flower and flame is very powerful for manifesting intentions related to love. After you’ve written down your wish or intention, light your candle, allowing it to bring that intention to life. After your candle has burned down, carefully remove the Rose Quartz crystals. Place your crystals in your bedroom to fill your space with love. To enhance the power of your Love candle, light and burn it on Friday evenings to activate the planet Venus, as that is the planet aligned with Friday’s and love. Warning: Burn within sight. Keep away from things that catch fire. Keep away from children and pets. California


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Love Crystal Candle