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Meet the 52 crystals featured in our new book, CRYSTAL365: Crystals for Everyday Life. These crystals have been chosen as the most powerful and effective, yet simple, tools to help you 365 days a year. Work with each of these crystals at different times in your life to work toward a variety of intentions like attracting wealth and opening yourself to love. No matter what is going on in your life, there’s a crystal for that. Choose which kit works best for you: the book plus the crystals, or just the crystals by themselves. Whether you are a crystal newbie or an experienced crystal lover, the CRYSTAL365 Kit is for you. It comes with a selection of 52 pocket-sized crystals to help you jumpstart your crystal journey. From popular stones like Amethyst and Citrine to lesser-known crystals like Ocean Jasper and Azurite, this 52-crystal kit will introduce you to a variety of stones and their matching intentions. No matter your goal, there is a crystal within this kit to help you achieve it. Created in tandem with our brand new book, CRYSTAL365: Crystals for Everyday Life and Your Guide to Health, Wealth, and Balance, the CRYSTAL365 Kit comes with an intention for each of the 52 crystals. By assigning one purpose to one crystal, this kit makes working with crystals easier than ever before. When you are ready to up level in your life, open up the CRYSTAL365 Kit and pick up a crystal (or a few!). This crystal kit takes out the guesswork of what crystals to get and what to do with them — all you have to do is start. This CRYSTAL365 Kit comes with: Agate | Balancing Your Life Amazonite | Being Hopeful Amethyst | Finding Peace of Mind Angel Aura Quartz | Making Time to Play Angelite | Connecting with Angels Apatite | Finding Inspiration Apophyllite | Staying Positive Aquamarine | Accepting Yourself Aragonite | Releasing Anger Aventurine | Creating Your Own Luck Azurite | Improving Mental Focus Black Kyanite | Cutting Cords with Toxic People Black Tourmaline | Protecting Yourself and Your Home Bloodstone | Get Moving Blue Lace Agate | Releasing Stress Carnelian | Unlocking Your Creative Potential Celestite | Sleeping Well Chrysocolla | Starting Fresh Chrysoprase | Connecting with Those around You Citrine | Choosing Happiness Clear Quartz | Gaining Clarity Epidote | Healing from Betrayal Fluorite | Making Wishes Garnet | Igniting Passion Golden Healer Quartz | Dealing with Family Conflict Hematite | Getting Grounded Iolite | Eliminating Debt Jade | Living a Prosperous Life Labradorite | Unleashing Your Limitless Potential Lapis Lazuli | Taking Lead in Your Own Life Lemurian Quartz | Practicing Patience Lepidolite | Managing Anxiety Malachite | Transforming your Life Moonstone | Discovering Your Life Purpose Ocean Jasper | Prioritizing Yourself Phantom Quartz | Breaking through Blocks Pink Opal | Having Empathy Pyrite | Attracting Wealth Rainbow Obsidian | Healing from Grief Red Jasper | Stopping Procrastination Rhodochrosite | Increasing Your Self-Worth Rhodonite | Learning to Forgive Rose Quartz | Opening Yourself to Love Selenite | Cleansing Yourself and Your Space Shungite | Detoxifying Your Mind, Body, and Spirit Smoky Quartz | Letting Go of What No Longer Serves You Sodalite | Communicating Clearly Sunstone | Spice Up Your Sex Life Tiger’s Eye | Building Courage Tourmalinated Quartz | Shifting Negativity Turquoise | Prioritizing Your Health Unakite | Cultivating Gratitude All crystals in the CRYSTAL365 kit will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern. They are all natural creations from Mother Earth. Set an intention for your crystals and carry them with you to keep that energy nearby whenever you need it. For a detailed crystal practice using each of the 52 crystals, refer to your copy of CRYSTAL365!

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