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Celestite Crystal


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Restful Sleep • Soothing • Calming
For anyone feeling anxious or overcome with stress, let Celestite is your saving grace. Coming from the Latin word for heavenly, the way Celestite crystals prevent you from burning out with anxiety and doubt certainly feels like divine intervention. It connects to the highest realms of consciousness to channel serenity within your higher chakras. For anyone who has trouble getting to sleep, or sleeping through the night without waking up - especially babies or children - will benefit from celestite’s calming energies, which promotes restful sleep.


The name Celestite comes from the Latin word for heavenly. While the etymology probably has more to do with this crystal’s pale blue shade than its angelic lore, the divine energy of Celestite can’t be ignored. It is believed to help you attract angelic support into your life. Penetrating into the deepest levels of your soul, a Celestite crystal offers restorative energy where you need it the most. Though it’s a high-vibrational crystal, the intensity of Celestite’s uplifting nature is gentle enough to still be soothing. It connects to the highest realms of the universe to permit serenity within your upper chakras.

If you’ve ever been told that you think too much, the Celestite meaning is the perfect solution to your overburdened mind. Before launching into a toxic cycle of what-ifs and hasty conclusions, use the Celestite healing properties to purify the mind. Instead of allowing worry to consume you, you can be proactive in the fight against your anxiety with energy of Celestite. Taking slow breaths with a Celestite crystal in hand brings balance into the mind.

Use a Celestite crystal to communicate directly with the energy of the universe to ask for spiritual blessings. If you are experiencing stress from unfamiliar situations or difficult relationships, working with Celestite can bring clarity and aid in your ability to reconcile. By instilling you with a peaceful approach, you will be better equipped to handle whatever life brings your way.

It has long been believed that celestite can aid in establishing a line of communication between this world, and the angelic realm. This is why celestite is linked to the Archangel Michael. An advocate of children, many believe this association with the Archangel, in combination with the relaxing energy of the crystal, makes celestite the ideal stone for children’s bedrooms. But kids aren’t the only ones who could use a celestite in the bedroom.

Origin: Madagascar

What Does It Mean When I’m Drawn to Celestite:

If you are drawn to the energy of a celestite crystal, you may be seeking a moment to relax, get centered and cleanse your mind. When you are centered, it becomes easier to approach difficult situations with a level head. Celestite is the energy to turn to when disaster strikes, and you need to pick up the pieces. By instilling you with mental clarity, it makes calm, problem solving easier, even during chaotic moments.    

How to Use the Celestite Crystal:

Place your Celestite Crystal in your bedroom, near your bed if you want to promote restful sleep. It is also an ideal crystal to have in your sacred or meditation space.


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