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Carnelian Flame

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Size: Medium 2-3" • Large 3-4" • X-Large 4-5"

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Passion • Creativity • Inspiration
Light up your passion and inspiration with the fiery energy of Carnelian. This Carnelian Flame has the perfect energy to fuel whatever creative pursuits you set your sights on.


No matter what part of your life you want to stimulate with more creativity—whether it’s your work, your partnership or your day-to-day routine—connecting with a Carnelian Flame will bring the inspiration you need. With its deep red shade and invigorating energy, Carnelian stirs up an excitement for life that shifts your whole perspective.  Let Carnelian energy stimulate your spiritual core and rouse your motivation for change.

Origin: Madagascar

How to Use a Carnelian Flame:

To use a Carnelian Flame, set it somewhere in your space where it can be a visual reminder of the creative energy that you are looking to manifest. If you want to tap into more creativity at work, set the Carnelian Flame on your desk.


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