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Candle Quartz Crystal


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Size ~1.5" to 2"


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Wishes • Positivity • Light
Instead of blowing out the candles on your birthday cake, make a wish upon a Candle Quartz Crystal. This crystal helps you make a wish and believe that it will come true. When you are ready to wish big, connect with Candle Quartz! It's the perfect crystal to bring in the New Year with. 


Candle Quartz crystal is a formation of quartz that appears to have melted candle wax dripping down. Just like a candle, this stone is perfect for making wishes. Instead of blowing out the candles on your birthday cake, make a wish upon a Candle Quartz Crystal.

The Candle Quartz properties align the chakras and balance your energetic body. By enhancing your mind-body-spirit connection, Candle Quartz crystals help you envision what you want in your life, no matter how big or small, and then wish for it. When you are fully centered and aligned, you can ensure that what you wish for is in line with your truest, highest self.

Candle Quartz is a stone full of brightness and light. Connecting with this stone helps to overcome feelings of hopelessness and despair. Instead of those lower vibrations, its light energy fills you with hope, positivity and peace. Candle Quartz has a comforting and gentle energy. From this place of hopefulness and peace, you are able to tap into your imagination and make a wish. One of the most important aspects of making wishes is trusting and believing that your wish is possible. You have to expand your mind to believe that anything can happen, and your wish will come true. Working with this crystal illuminates the magic of the universe so you can make bold wishes. When you are ready to wish big, connect with Candle Quartz.

Origin: Madagascar

What Does It Mean When I’m Drawn to a Candle Quartz Crystal:

You may be drawn to a Candle Quartz crystal because your spirit is beckoning you to wish for what you want. If you are a pragmatic person by nature, this stone will help you step into the world of wish-making where you can dream up the life you truly want.  

How to Use Your Candle Quartz Crystal:

Hold your Candle Quartz Crystal in your hands and close your eyes. Make a wish while holding your crystal. When you are done making your wish, open your eyes. Keep your Candle Quartz on your windowsill. 


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