Calcite Geode

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Add a sparkle of crystal energy to your home with a Calcite Geode. The raw beauty and positive energy emitted by this crystal fills your space with high vibrations, making it the perfect piece for any living space or any other environment you spend time in. White Calcite amplifies and cleanses the energy of an environment—making it an ideal healing crystal to have in your home. It is a stone of new beginnings that raises your consciousness. Calcite geodes are wonderful crystals for energy clearing and cleansing, increasing the flow of energy in your space. A Calcite Crystal radiates gentle, revitalizing energies that help to open energy channels. It stimulates the fire energy in your home to release any energy blockages and negative energy. White Calcite is specifically great for healing and cleansing. It is very protective, grounding and centering, helping to bring inner peace and relieving stress. Besides placing in your home to bring good vibes and crystal glimmer, a Calcite Geode is also a special stone for any spiritual practice. Place it on your altar or near your sacred space to create a serene and peaceful environment for meditation or other healing practices. Each one of these Calcite Geodes is unique and different. All sales are final on these crystals. Place your White Calcite Geode in your space to help clear negative energy and increase the flow of positive energy throughout your home! These calcite crystals are also beautiful crystals to have on your altar. Morocco

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Calcite Geode