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Light Stones


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With the Light Stones, you will receive: 2 Citrine stones, 1 Clear Quartz stone, 1 Angel Aura Quartz stone, and 1 Moonstone. 


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Happiness • Destiny • Clarity
If your emotional forecast is calling for stormy days ahead, don’t just hunker down. Use this Light Stones Bag to blast away dark clouds with the energy of joy. Each of these stones—including angel aura quartz, clear quartz, citrine and moonstone—has an energy that is uniquely suited to uplifting the spirit.


You don’t have to carry your emotional weight. Lighten your load, by gifting yourself the energy of joy. Each of the stones within this Light Stones Bag has an energy that is uniquely suited to uplifting the spirit.

Angel Aura Quartz is covered in luminous rainbows, and inspires your spirit to view life with a sense of awe. This refreshing energy encourages you to jump into your day. Connecting with angel aura quartz will push you to shift your outlook in a more positive direction, so that even challenges are viewed as opportunities to advance and grow!

Clear Quartz is one of the best stones for cleansing, so it’s the perfect ally when you need to wash away your dark vibes. A stone known for programming, clear quartz can help you to reprogram your mind to see the joy around you, rather than choosing to focus on the negative. As an amplifier, clear quartz will also magnify the energy of all the crystals around it. So it doesn’t just pick up your energy, it’ll pick up the energy of your other light stones, too!  Get clear on what makes you smile with the purifying and enhancing energy of clear quartz.

Citrine’s sunny disposition goes beyond its yellow-to-brown hue. It’s the happy, positive energy that citrine emits which also gives the stone a reputation as a bringer of light. One of the best stones for manifestation, if you’re trying to realize a specific outcome on your horizon, citrine is the stone to embrace.

Moonstone has a nurturing essence much like the moon itself. Its energy reminds the spirit that all troubles pass, and to look forward with optimism. Let moonstone connect you with your destiny as it fills you with the motivation to pursue it!  

How to Use:   

Fill your spirit with peace and light with this quick Light Crystals practice.

1. Hold your stones in your hands, and say aloud or in your head: I activate these stones.

2. Then, say your intention 11 times: I am light.

3. Find a comfortable position laying on your back.

4. Place your stones in a halo around the top of your head.

5. Close your eyes, and take three deep breaths.

6. See light radiating from your stones and entering your body through the crown of your head. See light traveling all the way from your head all the way to your toes, filling every cell of your being.

7. Keep your stones in place for 11 minutes.



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