“Do crystals really work?”

It’s a question that Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro, authors of Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune into the Real You, hear a lot. And their answer is always the same: “They work for us!” Heather and Timmi have never claimed that crystals can magically change your life—though it’d be great if they could. In reality, crystals are simply tools; they only work if you put in the effort to work with them. Each crystal vibrates with a unique, healing energy that you can use as an ally to guide you through difficult experiences. While the idea of a crystal ritual may bring to mind mystical fantasies of far off ceremonies, the formulas within this crystal book take the 25 years of spiritual research that Heather has accumulated, and break them down to easy, at-home practices that you can implement into your daily life.

As women, entrepreneurs, mothers and wives, Heather and Timmi understand all too well the time and energy that it takes to devote yourself to the many roles of your life. Working with crystals can’t make you immune to the struggles of life, but it can help you to navigate these obstacles with reduced anxiety, patience and a raised-consciousness. There are many books on crystals that will teach you what healing properties belong to which crystals, but there aren’t many crystal healing books that will teach you how to use them. They wanted to create this book as a resource for the crystal curious individuals wondering how to use their crystals to get results.

Unique from many crystal healing books, the rituals that Heather, as a Feng Shui and holistic healing expert, has composed are for novices and advanced crystal connoisseurs alike. Crystal Muse explores how you can transform life’s challenges into opportunities for growth by being equipped with the right crystals and mindset. Learn how you can connect with crystals and empower your life by using this guide to set such transformational intentions as:

  • Attracting love through learning to love yourself
  • Relieving anxiety by surrendering to meditation
  • Becoming a magnet for prosperity
  • Crystallizing a breakthrough
  • Consciously conceiving a new life
  • Cutting your unhealthy energy cords
  • Getting rid of insomnia to sleep with your mind fully at rest
  • Cultivating the connection with your creative spirit
  • Aligning with the energy of the moon
  • Grounding yourself with the energy of the earth; and
  • Finding the temple within

Instead of looking for books on crystals and books on crystal healing, Crystal Muse makes it possible to have all the information you need in one practical, down-to-earth healing crystals book.

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About Your Bonus Gifts

When you order our debut crystal book, receive 5 bonus gifts from Heather and Timmi! This content is exclusive to those who order our book.

Bonus Gift #1: Space Clearing 101 Mini Course

You probably know how to physically clean your space, but do you know how to energetically cleanse it? Don’t let heavy energy create an unwelcoming vibe in your home. With this 25 minute video crash-course, Heather teaches you how to use sage, sound, frankincense, and more to breakup and purify the energy of your space. Knowing what each energy cleansing method does will help you to know which one to use when. With these techniques in your energy tool chest, your home will feel like a safe, sacred space.

Bonus Gift #2: Crystals for Beauty Mini Course

Heather shows how you can grid-to-glow with crystal facial grids designed to enhance both inner and outer beauty. If you’re prone to filling your online carts with the latest in beauty trends, then you’ll love these DIY tricks for crystallizing your beauty routine. Recipes include a refreshing, crystal-charged facial spritz, an anti-aging facial grid, a tension and wrinkle release facial grid and a stress-free facial grid. Watch this video mini-course to learn our favorite crystal beauty secrets that won’t be available in our crystal book!

Bonus Gift #3: 7 Must Have Crystals Mini Course

Learn which crystals are the energy powerhouses that can take your potential to the next level in this video mini-course. Our co-founders, Heather and Timmi, discuss why everyone needs to take advantage of these crystals for anxiety relief, abundance, purification and more. This mini-course is mega-packed with ideas for quick rituals, in-home uses and the how-to’s for optimizing each crystal’s energy.

Bonus Gift #4: A Crystallized Guided Meditation

Grab your crystals, it’s meditation time! Heather guides you through an 11-minute meditation that can be done at home, or even on your lunch break at work. When you need to get grounded and re-centered, invest 11 minutes with your crystals in hand with this simple mindful meditation.

Bonus Gift #5: PDF Download with 3 Crystal Grid Templates

A crystal grid is like a spiritual blueprint for the home. Think of it as an energy layout—a way to set the mood for your space. These crystal grid templates, created exclusively for this bonus offer, will help you attract positive energy into the home for a crystallized ambience.

Musings About the Book

“My connection with crystals began on a journey to a red rock on a spiritual vortex in Sedona, AZ. I now have a crystal altar in my home and place them around my yoga mat during practice. Each crystal is a gift of patience and self-love. In a chaotic time, Crystal Muse shares how connecting to the calm, grounding, energy of crystals, can help us engage with each other and ourselves.”

Lena Dunham
Writer and Filmmaker

“In Crystal Muse, Heather and Timmi offer up simple, powerful rituals that make it easy to tune in to the energy of the Universe on a daily basis. Their breakdowns demystify crystals and help you incorporate them into your everyday life for miraculous results.”

Gabrielle Bernstein
#1 New York Times bestselling author of The Universe Has Your Back

“I'm a believer that a healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy mind. Crystal Muse has taught me how to use crystal energy to shift my mindset...so I'm prepared for whatever my day throws at me (even with the chaos that comes with being a supermomma of 3!)”

Molly Sims
Mom, Actress, and Lifestyle Author

“Why am I here? What is my purpose? How can I give more? These are the kinds of questions asked on every spiritual journey. Packed with energy, insight, and patience, crystals are a result of the Earth’s eternal transformation and therefore can offer deep wisdom, profound healing, and be brilliant reminders of our own transformation. Crystal Muse bridges the gap between books about wellness and books about crystals with a blend of practical, crystal energy techniques for personal betterment. So much more than a crystal book, this is a resource that will prove to be a helpful reference along any spiritual journey. “

Jason Mraz
Singer and Songwriter

“Crystal Muse is pure enchantment. It is written with grace, deep knowledge, and the kind of magic that comes only from years and years of experience trusting and working in the unseen realms. I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to live a more delightful and fulfilling life.”

Christiane Northrup, M.D.
New York Times best-selling author of Goddesses Never Age

“Finally! A crystal book that explains how to use your crystals in the now age. With simple, crystallized rituals that can be done in under 11-minutes, Crystal Muse will take you on a journey within to transform your life from the inside out.”

Jason Wachob
Founder & CEO, mindbodygreen and Author of Wellth

“Working in the music industry and being a mother of three, can be, at times, stressful. The crystal rituals of Crystal Muse give me peace of mind no matter how crazy my day gets.”

Jody Gerson
Global Chairman and CEO, Universal Music Publishing Group

“So many of my blog readers (and myself!) have shown a huge interest in crystals, what they do for us, how to enjoy them, how to soak in their magic, and so much more. Finally, two amazing humans break it down for us in an approachable, reader-friendly and realistic way! Heather and Timmi have created a space for us where we can all enjoy the ancient mysticism of crystals in the current age. I love the rituals in the book and how easy they are to fit into my every day life -- some of them are only 11 minutes! If you're interested in ripping off the band aid of your spirituality and transforming your life from the inside out, this is a must read. I am also lucky enough to know these ladies in person, and they absolutely GLOW!”

Jordan Younger
founder of The Balanced Blonde & author of Breaking Vegan

“This colorful book will become your crystal bible! A must for enthusiasts and the 'crystal curious' alike.”

Ruby Warrington
Founder of The Numinous and Author of Material Girl, Mystical World

"These ladies have known and understood energy and crystals for so long, they know what they are speaking of ❤️. Energy Muse offers health, support, and healing assistance for humans older & young looking to increase inner and outer glow and growth.”

Jill Willard
Intuitive and Author of Intuitive Being

"A must read for any crystal curious soul to a fully fledged gemstone junkie. Pages full of practical rituals, easy to read crystal meanings, and how-to's make this book my new crystal go-to."

Emma Mildon
Best Selling Author of The Soul Searcher's Handbook

“Fashion is all about creating a moment. The crystal rituals within Crystal Muse help me to be present today, so that I can design the fashions of tomorrow.”

Mary Alice Haney
Fashion Designer, Creative Director and CEO of HANEY