Valentine’s Day Crystals for All the Free-Spirited Lovers

Valentine's Day Crystals for All the Free-Spirited Lovers

Certain Valentine’s Day gifts have become synonymous with the day itself. A bouquet of roses. A heart-shaped box of chocolates. For some, there is no better gift than one of these iconic staples of romance. For others—the wandering, free-spirits whose every adventure is an ode to life’s wondrous possibilities—the appeal of teddy bears and chocolate covered strawberries just isn’t the same. They want something that’s as different and special as the love they cultivate. Which makes picking out gifts for them, a unique challenge. This year, don’t worry. We’ve collected the perfect pairing for every kind of spirit quester and crystal collector. Get ready to be the apple of their third eye when your special, spiritually minded someone opens one of these this Valentine’s:

Valentine’s Day Crystals to Add More Love in Your Life


For all those budding love birds, Green Hiddenite is the ideal crystal for newly blossoming relationships. This pale green crystal will make everyone not getting it green with envy. By imbuing those in the puppy love stage with a grounding energy, it takes away the unsettled, flighty feeling and leaves you with a more relaxed sense of self so that you can just focus on being comfortably, blissfully in love. It’s also a simple enough, thoughtful enough gift to


There’s a reason these were a stone conventionally used in engagement rings. Garnets have long been believed to bring out love and loyalty within bonds. As a stone thought to release the inhibitions, this could be a great crystal for those looking to spice things up.

Desert Rose

A Desert Rose Selenite for your desert roaming partner? Swoon! The soft, curved ridges on this crystal form like the pedals of a rose, but it’s Desert Rose’s metaphysical properties that make it the perfect crystal for Valentine’s. As a crystal that amplifies the ability to give and receive love, it will open you up to new possibilities and depths. Believed to usher in kismet relationships, if you haven’t met that special someone, then Desert Rose might be a worthy investment.

Chrysanthemum Stone

For those with a colorful, booming flower of a love in their life, Chrysanthemums have always been a Valentine’s favorite. But this Valentine’s, why not consider Chrysanthemum Stone? It’s a stabilizing crystal that applies it’s properties to more than just surface level desires. This flower printed stone radiates vibes conducive to trust, forgiveness and balance. It brings harmony to relationships, and allows for both partners to recall the playfulness and light-hearted joy of love. This is a great crystal for those love has weathered storms, and continues to bloom.

Rose Quartz

No list of love-inspiring crystals is complete without Rose Quartz. The ultimate crystal for love, this powerful pink crystal doesn’t just give it’s loving out to the couples. As a stone of unconditional love, it brings a sense of self-love and love of life to the individual. Whether giving it to the love in your life, or making it a gift for yourself just because you’re worth it, this crystal will attract love in every area you need it. For the metaphysical girl, the Love Junky necklace is a great ally for all matters of the heart. For something a little more on the nose, you might also consider a Rose Quartz heart that’s perfect for soothing meditation.


Another of the unconditional love givers, Fuchsite is a crystal that inspires a whimsy to match its silvery, green sheen. It will break codependent tendencies, and bring your love back to a place of freeness, comfort and joy. Fuchsite, known as the fairy stone, makes a great neckless for your free-spirit crystal lover. For those looking to show that their love is like a fairytale, a large fuchsite crystal embedded with red garnet inclusions is an absolutely stunning way to do so. This extremely rare, collector’s specimen combines the loving energy of garnet and fuchsite to exude powerful, love attracting vibes. It’s not for the casual collector, but if you’re as serious about crystals as you are about love, this is the gift to commemorate it.


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