Treat Yourself + Recharge by Bathing with Crystals

Treat Yourself + Recharge by Bathing with Crystals

“Treat yourself” went from pop culture philosophy to marketing demand. It says a lot about the priorities of our culture that something as simple as “treat yourself” would take off the way it did. With so much influence put on work, and so little put on personal wellbeing, it only makes sense that a phrase, which advocates for giving back to yourself would strike such a chord with an over-worked population. Of course we should be investing in self-care! But as “treat yourself” permeated through pop culture and into marketing, it began to take a darker tone. It descended into a way to indulge poor decision making while feeling justified under the “treat yourself” banner.

Self-care took a back seat to self-indulgence, and the investment into spiritual wellness was lost all together. It’s time to reclaim and redefine “treat yourself.” When we think of this philosophy from now on, let’s think about how we can treat ourselves in lasting ways, building self-care habits that are ongoing. This is less about justifying that third glass of wine, and more about finding ways to relieve stress and rejuvenate the mind and spirit so it will be more productive in the future. One way to treat yourself in a way that is both healthy and will make you feel like a king or queen, is to begin bathing with crystals.

Bathing with crystals is the height of relaxation. It allows you to put yourself first, and set aside a moment of time that is exclusively about recharging your life force. If your work or relationship has you feeling overwhelmed, and the urge to spend a small fortune on a designer bag that you can’t afford is creeping in, take a moment. Pause the negative cycle that leads bad feelings to inspire bad decisions, and give yourself moment to unload. Sometimes something as intuitive as bathing with crystals to recharge is enough to satisfy that treat yourself need far more than a bag ever would.

Tips for Bathing with Crystals

The first thing you want to do is set the scene. Light some candles, turn off the overhead lights, grab your essential oils and create an environment conducive to alleviating stress. Next, choose your crystals. Along the rim of your bath, you can place your crystals beside your head, stomach and hips to stimulate the crown, solar plexus, and root chakras. You can place crystals in the bath to set an intention for the water. Choose two crystals to hold in your hands, or even one to place over your heart. Here are a few of our favorites for bathing with crystals:

  • Amethyst crystals are wonderful to have during bathing relaxation because it is a natural stress reliever. It gives clarity and provides the basis for you to reach a deeper understanding of yourself. Let the amethyst dispel your negative thoughts by placing it at top of the bath by your head, so that it can connect with the crown chakra.
  • Selenite crystals and quartz crystals work to replenish the energy that you have lost working. That feeling of being drained and wanting to buy a quick fix is linked to you need to stimulate a high that you can interpret as energy. Selenite will clear abolish that negative energy, and clear quartz as it beams fresh energy into your crown chakra. Use the clear quartz to reactivate your sense of self that has been depleted. Make sure that you do not place your selenite in the water or get it too wet, as it will dissolve!
  • Throw two rose quartz stones into your bath to surround yourself with the energy of love. These heart based crystals program your bath water to hold the energy of love. As the water surrounds your body and replenishes your skin, this loving energy begins to reprogram your being on a cellular level, raising your vibration. Learn more about Heather’s heart-opening Aphrodite bath >>
  • Set a citrine stone by your solar plexus chakra, or upper abdomen. Citrine is a bright stone with a bright energy. It is a bringer of clarity, creativity and positivity. It will reenergize your self-esteem and aid in future manifestation.
  • Hematite can be placed by the root chakra. This stone lends itself to a sense of calm and balance. It is reflective in essence, and beneficial for times of self-reflection. This stone is good for stress relief because it is grounding. When your thoughts are chaotic, hematite will recenter your sense of focus.

As you lay in the bath, focus on breath, imaging yourself bringing in new and releasing the old. Visualize your mind as being one with the water. Establish a fluidity of thought and energy. Relax to the sight of candle light dancing on the water before you, and flickering against your sparkling crystals. Treat yourself.

For all our mindful moms-to-be, check out our amazing friend + super doula, Lori Bregman’s, Baby Bonding Love Soak bath.


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