Transformation Ritual with Bumble Bee Jasper

A Transformation Ritual with Bumble Bee Jasper

Transformation should be easier for us than it is for flowers. It’s not as if we have to rely on a bee to come pollinate our mind before we can produce a new mindset. As people, we have all that we need to flourish into our best self. And yet, every spring, flowers reliably return, transformed, while so many of us continue to make the same excuses for why it’s just not the right time for change. Indeed, with self-sufficiency comes responsibility. If only we had to rely on bees, then it wouldn’t all be up to us!

It’s time to stop thinking of ourselves as the flower, waiting for our transformation, and start thinking of ourselves as the bee, who goes out and gets it done. It may be a less romantic visual—everyone wants to be the blossoming flower—but there is beauty in the determination of the bee. Motivated, self-assured, full of purpose—the bee has a lot attributes that we can learn from. It’s entire being is devoted to transformations, and if you really want to establish a better life for yourself, you have to be the same. Completely commit to reworking your mindset to welcome only attributes suited to change. Become the bee!

Beside the obvious, bumble bee jasper is the perfect stone to connect to the essence of bee-like pursuits. Bumble bee jasper is largely composed of layered gypsum, sulfur and hematite in a matrix of volcanic ash. As the hematite helps you to stay grounded in your ambitions, the gypsum feeds you with positive light so that you never lose hope. The sulfur in the bumble bee jasper provides you with the confidence and inner power to push through your reservations, while also preventing any fear, worry or negative energy from entering your energy field. Use bumble bee jasper in this crystal ritual to emulate the transformational power of bees this spring. This ritual helps you move from the “comfort zone” into the “uncomfortable zone” which is where we shift, transform and evolve.

See Yourself Transform with Bumble Bee Jasper

Timeframe: 11 to 21 minutes

What you’ll need:

  • 1 sage cleansing set to clear the energy of your space, yourself and your crystals
  • 2 Bumble Bee Jasper Stones – Bumble Bee Jasper helps you to accept change and know that you are capable of shifting your energy and mindset every single moment of every single day. It reminds you that emotions come and go, and you can let them go whenever you want. It facilitates the release of all your emotional tension replacing it with strength.
  • a journal and a pen

Transformation ritual steps:

  1. Find a comfortable spot inside or outside where you are alone and will be uninterrupted.
  2. Sage your space, yourself and your crystals to ensure they are cleared of any unwanted energy and previous programming.
  3. Hold one bumble bee jasper stone in each hand.
  4. Close your eyes and just sit with your crystals for a couple minutes.
  5. Say to yourself: Let’s be honest for a minute. What’s going on with me right now? What am I having anxiety about? What’s stressing me out? What’s holding me back? Really talk yourself through this.
  6. Similar to the formation of Bumble Bee Jasper, see yourself like a volcano, bringing all your emotions to the surface. Keep bringing things up, up and up.
  7. Right before you feel as if you’re going to explode, you say aloud: I LET IT ALL GO. Just shed it. Let it all melt off of you, because you no longer need to hold onto it.
  8. Once you’ve brought all the things you are fearing and that are holding you back up, ask yourself: What is a simple plan I can put in place so that I feel like I have more time and energy?
  9. Grab your journal and write down 3 things you can do right now to simplify the things that are causing you to feel stuck and held back.
  10. Put these things into motion immediately to kick start your transformation.
  11. Cleanse your bumble bee jasper stones once you’re finished using them.
  12. Repeat steps 1 through 11 whenever you feel stuck and like you need your crystal ally’s help in kickstarting the transformation.

We recommend washing your hands after handling your bumble bee jasper stones due to the presence of sulfur. 


  • Reply April 13, 2017

    Carlie Watson

    I have had a calling to bumble bee jasper lately and i think your quote in above article “It’s time to stop thinking of ourselves as the flower, waiting for our transformation, and start thinking of ourselves as the bee, who goes out and gets it done” is what i have been tuning into but not really knowing it. Instead of relying on others or being so concerned about what others are doing i need to get a grip on my own reality and just do it.
    Thank you.

    • Reply April 17, 2017


      Thank you so much for your kind words! We love that you’re connecting with Bumble Bee Jasper right now!

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