Tiger’s Eye Healing Ritual for Strengthening Willpower

Tiger's Eye Healing Ritual for Strengthening Willpower

We all have periods in our life when we know what it is we need to do, yet somehow we still lack the motivation to take action or there it is such a large task, we are overwhelmed by how much we need to do. The tiger’s eye healing strengthens your willpower and points you in the direction you need to go in order to achieve your highest self.

Practice tiger’s eye healing for strengthening your willpower for 10 days, ideally starting on the new moon or 3 days before or after the new moon, when the energy is strongest. Using the tiger’s eye point in this way will enhance your willpower, which will drive your success in any of your endeavors. It also will hold the space for abundance and luck.

This tiger’s eye healing ritual also uses citrine. The tiger’s eye point connects you to your highest self and motivation, while the citrine brings in the light in those dark periods when your mental excuses take control of your mind.

Tiger's Eye Healing Ritual for Strengthening WillpowerTiger’s Eye Healing Ritual

  1. Place your tiger’s eye point on your nightstand.
  2. Next, place four citrine stones or small citrine points in the north, south, east and west of the point. Four is the number of stability. When combined with the tiger’s eye, the five of these crystals represent change.
  3. Set your intention for what you’d like to achieve in the next 10 days, remembering to keep things simple.
  4. In the morning, look at your grid and reconnect with your intention.
  5. Then, take the four citrine stones with you throughout your day. When you feel you’re lack of motivation rising, hold the citrine stones and connect with their manifesting energy.
  6. Before going to bed, place the citrine back on the grid.
  7. Practice this for 10 days.
  8. After 10 days, you can set a new intention and practice tiger’s eye healing again.

During this 10-day period, you build up your commitment and willpower to keep moving forward. You may also realize that you feel called to go about something in a different way that you originally intended. That is the tiger’s eye point showing you that your willpower is lacking because there is no inspiration for you in one way, but it is present through a different way. Listen to your intuition and let the point guide you to inspired action.


  • Reply March 16, 2016

    stephenie huston

    Does it make a difference on size and shape of tigers eye?

    • Reply March 16, 2016


      Hi Stephanie, a Tiger’s eye point has a more powerful energy due to the point shape, which sends the vibrational energy of your intention into the universe. Larger crystals tend to hold more energy, however it also depends on how you plan to use them. Smaller crystals are much easier to work with on a daily basis whereas larger crystals are great for keeping a space calm and peaceful. So depending on what you’d like to get out of the stone, you have to gage which size will work best for you.

  • Reply March 27, 2016


    Wow! I’ve been battling with motivation lately and my tiger’s eye crystal has been my favorite the last few weeks. Makes sense now.

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  • Reply June 6, 2017


    I am new to creating grids and I really want to work on creating willpower, motivation, and self discipline to aid / assist me with losing weight. I read I should combine carnelian and onyx. I wanted to know which is more powerful? Could I combine citrine, tiger’s eye, carnelian and onyx together for this intention?

    • Reply August 21, 2017


      That is a beautiful crystal combination!

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