Teaching Kids Meditation + Geology

Teaching Kids Meditation + Geology

The breakout wellness success story to come out of last year was the school in Baltimore that replaced detention with mindful meditation. Instead of the usual detention room, a boring place where indifferent teachers hold neglected students captive without mental or emotional stimulation, the school partnered with the non-profit organization, Holistic Life Foundation, to create a nurturing space that would address the problem a student was having by providing them healthy mechanisms to cope with it: kids meditation. In the Mindful Moment Room at Robert W. Coleman Elementary school, students sit on lavender pillows and yoga mats to recenter themselves after a classroom disruption. Rather than being punished, they are asked to close their eyes, breathe and recenter. The students focus on what they learned from the conflict and breathe the tension away. When they return to class, they are calm and ready to be productive.

Since the program’s establishment of kids meditation, the school has boasted a dramatic drop in suspension rate, reporting zero detentions last year. It’s no surprise that kids can use the same calming rituals as adults. We focus so much on the worries we face, that we forget the confusing and often emotionally tumultuous experience we had as kids. Teaching kids how to balance flashes of anger with compassion, understanding and moments of focused breath will help them for the rest of their lives. We can learn from the example set up with this program, and bring mindful meditation into our own homes. Our children can use kids meditation to find harmony after a hard day at school or to deal with issues of bullying, jealousy and anger that plague them at that age. Using crystals for children with a soothing, nurturing energy aligned with your kids meditation, you can teach your child how to meditate with intention, and play around with geology. The natural beauty of the stones will hold their interest, and fun facts about the crystals will open their mind up to see what amazing things the Earth is capable of.

Teaching Kids Meditation + GeologyTake your kids to your local crystal or metaphysical shop, and allow them to choose a pair of healing crystals they love as their “meditation stones.” In a quiet space within your home, layout some pillows for you and your kids to sit on. Set the healing stones in the center. Before you begin, teach them about the stones they’ve chosen. What energy do they hold? Where are they found? What is it going to bring to their day? After you share with them, allow them to get in touch with their own energy through the energy of the crystal. Teach them how to focus on their breath, and clear the mind of everything in silent meditation. Don’t get caught up in the time of your kids meditation. At the beginning, it may only be a minute or two, but slowly as it becomes more consistent, they will begin to graduate to more and more time.

Below is a list of fun facts about crystals for kids that your children can enjoy as part of their kids meditation:

5 Healing Crystals for Kids Meditation

1. Fluorite

This crystal’s spectrum of colors makes it a favorite of kids’. The same mineral that makes their bones and teeth strong, is a crystal with a soft, neutralizing energy suited for dealing with chaos. After your meditation, put your Fluorite stones on the window sill to charge its energy and bring rainbows into the room.

2. Fuchsite

The whimsical fancy of Fuchsite’s glimmering, mint green surface is ripe for a child’s imagination. It’s obvious to see why this is known as the fairy crystal. Fuchsite fosters the buoyant, jovial spirit that kids need. Silvery flecks cover the stone like magical, fairy dust ready to sooth them to sleep.

3. Selenite

Wielding a selenite wand will bring out the inner Harry Potter in every kid! The light that shoots through Selenite is caused by twinning, which is literally light bouncing off all the surfaces within the crystal before escaping back out. Selenite will bring light energy into the highest chakras, and bless the spirit with pure divinity.

4. Pyrite

Kids, as well as adults, are drawn to the metallic gold surface of Pyrite. This stone was used for sparking fires in ancient times, and thus its name comes the Greek word for “firestone.” Pyrite is great for kids who are dealing with bullying as its reflective nature is thought to repel negativity. The energy of pyrite will connect to the base chakra during meditation to ground and stabilize kids, as well as ushering in strength and confidence.

5. Carnelian

What better stone for a child to use in meditation, than one that boosts the bond between parent and child. The ancient Egyptians believe this blood red crystal could carry the soul to the afterlife, and was used as one of three crystals in King Tut’s gold burial mask! Today, it’s thought to spurn creativity. Carnelian stones are wonderful for meditating before coloring, writing or engaging in other creative exercises.

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