Spiritual Wealth: What It Means To Be Spiritually Wealthy

Spiritual Wealth: What It Means to Be Spiritually Wealthy

When you’re on a spiritual journey that has lead you to discover the calling of being in service, it only makes sense to pursue a living in that calling. For entrepreneurs in the health + wellness space, that often causes an internal dilemma. You may find yourself asking: Can I be spiritually of service, as well as financially successful? How do I strike that balance? Today, I want to take the time to talk about a different kind of wealth: spiritual wealth. Particularly, I want to discuss how to find a balance between the material and the spiritual. This was a lesson that I had to learn early on in my business.

At the start of Energy Muse, my business partner, Timmi Jandro, and I found often ourselves conflicted about how being spiritual and material could coexist. We believed that because we were healers, who were of service to others, we shouldn’t make money. On a deep subconscious level, we didn’t believe healers could be financially successful, which is why we often found ourselves in financial trouble.

After the initial hype over our breakthrough item, the Prosperity Necklace, had died down, we found ourselves clouded by fear. It seemed like there was one financial obstacle after another. Finally, we decided to step out of the chaotic cycle of problem solving, and just get still for a moment of deep reflection. With crystals around us and all over our bodies, we laid there in silent contemplation for hours. We asked ourselves, “What is next?” As our minds started to open up and the fear began to dissipate, everything became crystal clear—with no money and no customers, there was no way to be of service to anyone! The moment we consciously embraced the idea that material wealth can naturally flow out of spiritual wealth, our business completely changed.

What is Spiritual Wealth?

So what is spiritual wealth? Spiritual wealth comes from within. It’s your contentment, mindfulness and spiritual self—things that you can have at all times. True spiritual wealth is something that you can control. Material wealth, on the other hand, tends to fluctuate. It’s influenced not only by internal factors, such as poor financial decisions, but external factors like the economy, natural disasters, and a host of other issues beyond your control as well. When you find the balance between spiritual wealth and material wealth, that’s where the magic lies.

So with all this in mind, what is your spiritual wealth? How has this shifted your overall outlook on wealth as a whole?

What Does Being Spiritually Wealthy Mean for You?

Here’s where I’m going to challenge you: Write down what spiritual wealth means to you. This is the first step in creating your new definition of wealth. When you get clear on what spiritual wealth means to you, you can invite the energy of the specific vision into your life. Your definition does not need to revolve around money at all; it can be about happiness, spirituality or freedom. Whatever you define it as, spiritual wealth is yours and nobody can take that away from you.

Now that you’ve defined your what spiritual wealth is, I want you to define wealth as a whole. Again this is your own personal definition. Where is your balance of financial wealth + spiritual wealth? How will you achieve this?

If you’re interested in bringing your newfound definition to life, check out the Spiritual Wealth Bowl ritual in our new book, Crystal Muse, on page 81. It’s a simple ritual that you can do to create a visual that represents your intentions, values and goals!

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