Raw Aquamarine Beauty Ritual for the Modern Mermaid

Raw Aquamarine Beauty Ritual for the Modern Mermaid

In ancient tales, mermaids used to keep aquamarine in treasure chests. Many of the qualities of the ocean and the sea exist within raw aquamarine or an aquamarine stone, whose ranging colors of blues and greens represent all the different depths of the ocean. Peacefulness, inner strength and courage are just a few of the qualities this gemstone brings out in you, so it’s no wonder why the mermaids are said to have collected these beautiful healing crystals. For the landlocked mermaid, those who live far from ocean but feel an overwhelming draw to it, this ritual is an ideal way to connect with your mermaid spirit.

Creating a beauty ritual with aquamarine is beneficial for many reasons. The crystal is believed to restore youth and beauty, having anti-aging powers that rejuvenate the skin. Aquamarine healing properties also help to restore tranquility, making this not only a beauty ritual, but also a stress reducing ritual for the morning or evening. Raw aquamarine also helps to connect you with your true self, making it a useful stone to replenish  self-love and confidence.

How to make Raw Aquamarine Beauty Water:

  1. Start by cleansing your crystals with warm filtered water. Rinse them a few times to get any dirt or loose particles off (remember these are raw crystals, so it’s natural for them to have some earth matter still on them).
  2. When you are done cleansing them, place the aquamarine in a glass bowl and cover the gems with filtered water.
  3. Set the bowl in direct sunlight starting at sunrise and let it absorb the sun energy until sunset. Alternatively, you can leave the aquamarine under a full moon for the night to harness moon energy.
  4. Bring the water inside and splash it on your face as you say self-love affirmations. You may say, “I am worthy,” and “I love myself,” or you may use something that speaks to your own desires or self-love.
  5. Refill your bowl with water and put it back in the sun to have a constant flow of aquamarine beauty water available.

Check our blog again in a couple weeks for more crystal beauty rituals! If you have any crystal beauty rituals or DIY’s we would love to know! Share with us in the comments or on Instagram @EnergyMuse!

Raw Aquamarine Beauty Ritual for the Modern Mermaid

Raw Aquamarine Beauty Ritual for the Modern Mermaid- Energy Muse


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