Rainbow Crystal Ritual for Making Wishes

No matter your age, rainbows undoubtedly make us all a little happier. They are like a magical sign from Heaven that everything will be okay. This rainbow crystal ritual is designed to connect you with that positive energy. People tend to be attracted to rainbow crystals after going through a period of grieving or difficulty. The rainbow stones are symbolic of a cloudy day, but then the sun comes out and there is a big, bright shining rainbow.

Tap into the energy of the rainbow with this ritual that will help fulfill your wishes and boost your happiness. This ritual uses sacred geometry with a rainbow and triangle formation.  The rainbow is a symbol of wishes, blessings and heaven. The pyramid directs the energy upwards, so whatever is under that shape will be amplified into the universe. The combination of these shapes in this sacred geometric layout grounds energy focused upward.

Rainbow Crystal Ritual for Making Wishes

What You’ll Need:

Rainbow Crystal Ritual for Making Wishes

Rainbow Crystal Ritual Steps:

For best results, begin this ritual on a new moon + leave your grid up until the day after the full moon.

  1. Gather your supplies and find a place where your grid can remain undisturbed through the full moon.
  2. Sage your space and cleanse your crystals.
  3. Pick a colored pencil and draw the smallest arch first, from left to right.
  4. Next, pick a new color and draw the second arc.
  5. Then with a new color, draw the third arc.
  6. Place a dot in the center of the bottom arc.
  7. Then in another color, draw a line that spans the width of the smallest arc.
  8. Draw a line that looks like a side of a triangle from the bottom of the left side of the rainbow, to a few inches above it.
  9. Connect the top of the line you just drew with a symmetrical line on the other side.
  10. Repeat going over this pattern 20 times, connecting to the therapeutic aspect of the drawing process.
  11. Then write your wishes underneath the rainbow.
  12. Lastly, place your rainbow stones on top of this sacred geometry drawing, setting an intention of a new beginning, positive mindset and for your wishes to come true.
  13. Leave your wishes + crystals in place for 15 days, through the full moon.
  14. The day after the full moon, cleanse your crystals.
  15. Fold up your paper and keep it in a safe place (on your altar, in a journal, or in a file). After 6 months or so, check in and see what wishes have come to fruition. At that time, you can decide whether you want to continue to keep your paper, or throw it away.

Energy Muse co-founder and crystal expert, Heather Askinosie, has used this rainbow crystal ritual for many years and has found it to be extremely powerful and effective from bringing happiness and wishes into her life.

Have you worked with rainbow crystals? What was your experience using their rainbow energy? Share with us in the comments!

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