Pyramid Energy Secret

In the Sacred Intention Room of our Torrance Showroom, we recently added a copper pyramid, filled with high-grade vibrational gemstones.  After telling him about this new addition, my friend Alberto, a very well-known Reiki Master and geomancer, shared a secret about pyramid energy with me.  His secret revealed how to make a pyramid into one that rejuvenates and re-energizes anything that is laid under it.  He told me that some ancient Egyptian pyramids were designed to rejuvenate the body and that some were designed to dry and preserve mummification.


Alberto shared that if you were to look down from the sky at certain Egyptian pyramids, you would notice that they have a slight indentation on each of their four base sides, making their base into a star rather than a square. I found this detail to be very interesting. Upon further research, I found this mathematical diagram of a pyramid, with these slight indentations to transform the base into the shape of a star. These slight indentations are what is believed to be the secret to creating a rejuvenating and re-energizing pyramid.


The secret to turning a standard pyramid into a re-energizing pyramid is simple, yet precise.  You must measure the base of each side of the pyramid and place a vertical black line directly in the middle of it.  This line on the base of each side energetically changes the base from a square and creates the desired star shape. After hearing this secret, I immediately did this to every one of the pyramids in our office–there are quite a number of them! I immediately felt a shift in the energy in our building.

The Energy Muse Copper Pyramid in our Sacred Intention room has a very powerful frequency.  The combination of copper, a healing metal, and the high-vibrational crystals within the tubes is an unreal energetic experience. The moment you sit inside the pyramid, the energy shifts to exactly what you need.  For some, it is grounding and relaxing. For others, it is re-energizing and invigorating. It is different for ever person and every one has a different energetic experience.  But one thing is for sure; a powerful vortex of healing energy resides within it.  We have found it to be a powerful source to say prayers, gain clarity, manifest your intentions and become centered & grounded.


As you are sitting under the pyramid and feeling the healing energy, it is beneficial to place different stones on different parts of your body to clear the energy of your chakras and rid your body of any energy blockages. We will help guide you to see which crystals are best for you to hold during your meditation.

If you are local to Los Angeles, come by our Torrance showroom and experience the energy of our Copper Healing Pyramid. We are open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Also, if you are interested in purchasing a Copper Pyramid for your home or office, you can purchase them through our office. They are $2500 each. Call us at (310) 787-8443 for more details.


By Heather Askinosie


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