The Power of Writing in A Journal

The Power of Writing in A Journal -

Writing in a journal is one of the most impactful practices to incorporate into your life.  Using it as a process of self-study can provide insight into your deepest desires, energy blockages, and transformation. By setting aside ten minutes in the mornings and evenings to journal, you commit time to yourself each day that allows you to check in, express your emotions, and redirect your focus.

If you already have a daily meditation practice, writing in a journal afterwards is a easy way to transition from a meditative state back to reality. For those who don’t have a meditation practice or find it difficult to do traditional meditation, this mindfulness exercise develops your ability to focus on the present moment and connect with your deeper self.

Empower your intentions
Setting intentions is the first step of any spiritual journey or self-transformation. Sometimes work, family, and other daily occurrences get in our way and our intentions are pushed aside and eventually forgotten. With the power of journaling, you are able to re-center and keep your intentions at the forefront of your mind. Every morning, write down a small intention that is going to help you achieve a long-term goal. Then before bed, check in with that day’s intention. What went well? What did you struggle with? What can you change for the next day? Noticing the things that help or prevent you from having success with your intentions will direct you on your journey and change your old habits.

Remove energy blockages
Emotional and mental trauma, and sometimes even physical ailments, is often caused from an energy blockage. Energy blockages are created when we believe, think, or act a certain way due to things that have happened to us. For example, someone with an energy blockage in their root chakra, might experience issues with commitment or feeling like they don’t belong as a result of things that happened within their family, such as a traumatic divorce. Coming face to face with your emotions, even negative ones, has a powerful effect on your energy system. Acknowledging that something in your past has hurt you and seeing how it is holding you back now is a big step in a spiritual journey. The power of journaling allows you to explore these deeply personal experiences without having to open up to others, which can be extremely therapeutic.

Enjoy time to yourself
One of our favorite aspects of writing in a journal is simply having time dedicated to our selves each day. Not everything you write has to be profound, eye-opening, or life-changing. Simply writing down what happened that day, what you are thankful for, and something that inspired you helps you to unwind, relax, and find pleasure in everyday life. You could also find an inspirational quote and write about why it resonates with you.

Reflect on personal growth
When you are working on self-transformation or starting a spiritual journey, writing is a personal way to track your growth. Months, or even years, down the road, you can look back on old journal posts and see how your beliefs, actions, and interests have changed since you first started the journal.

Everyday is an opportunity for self-growth and exploration. Take advantage of the gift of life in the present moment and do something that fulfills you each day.


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