Ocean Crystals to Connect with your Inner Mermaid

Ocean Crystals to Connect with your Inner Mermaid

Departing from land and venturing off to sea is like taking a break from reality and floating away to a paradise in your mind. Picture yourself standing on the shoreline at midday. The sun illuminates the sky, and pours down her light like dripping honey from a honeycomb. You wear the sand around your feet like your favorite pair of warm, soft slippers. The sky is as clear as a crystal ball, which brings you clarity, and the ocean mist is like a breath of fresh air upon your dewy skin. Meanwhile, the sparkling water teases you as it kisses the tips of your toes before receding back, enticing you to go further into its depth. Your body is in the deepest state of relaxation and your mind is free from the constant influx of thoughts. In this harmonious place you feel eternal bliss. Nothing can disturb you. Now, imagine a kingdom underneath the sea ruled by the mythical creatures of the ocean. Beautiful mermaids with enchanted tails allowing them to swim effortlessly among the changing currents and ride each wave with courage. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of this magical fairy tale? Connect with ocean crystals to find out!

The ocean has incredible powers to rejuvenate you when you’re feeling overwhelmed or experiencing high levels of stress. The sea itself is a semblance of the expression, “the storm before the calm,” with its tumultuous waves, then its overcompensating stillness. Much like the changing ocean tides, we experience change in our everyday lives, which is why we can channel the energy of the ocean to help us go with the flow. If you’re an ocean dweller like us, then frequent trips to the beach are a part of your weekly ritual. However, not everyone has the opportunity to stroll down the boardwalk after work one evening, or plan a beach day for the upcoming weekend. Nevertheless, finding alternative ways to connect with the ocean can very much be a part of your reality! Here are our favorite ocean crystals that will bring out your inner mermaid and connect you to the ocean even when it is not within your reach.

Ocean Crystals to Connect with your Inner Mermaid

  • Aquamarine is believed to be the treasure of mermaids, kept hidden in their chests among the other gems and jewels of the sea. Ancient tales claim that aquamarine would protect traveling sailors and bring you the same eternal youthfulness as the mermaids’. The blues and greens within the crystal align you with the energy of the ocean. It holds the tranquil, calming and soothing energies of the sea, helping you to connect with it even when you’re not there physically. It is a stone of youth and eternal happiness. Additionally, aquamarine brings the element of water into your space promoting a constant flow of serenity.
  • Chrysocolla combines the fluidity of water energy with the stability of the Earth’s energy. The beautiful blues and greens that run throughout each crystal encourage movement and propel change. A stone of new beginnings, chrysocolla brings comfort and peaceful energies during times of transition. Keep one near you during times of high-stress to bring loving, comforting energy that enables you to trust your instincts and make clear decisions.
  • Ocean jasper is the ideal crystal for lifting your spirit. It’s energy is similar to when you first step foot onto the beach and feel that instant sense of calm. Ocean jasper creates positive, optimistic feelings and facilitates the release of stress, anxiety, and worry. For the landlocked mermaid—someone who feels constantly drawn to the ocean but does not have the ability to connect with it on a daily basis—you can use the crystal to reconnect and find that peace of mind you’ve been yearning for recently. Having it in your space invites the ocean energy into your home and connects you with your own state of bliss that you experience while sitting on the beach, gazing at the ocean.
  • Ocean Gems are a bag of ocean crystals that evoke the Earth’s energy. Fill your home with ocean gems, which inhibit elements of water, to connect you with the movement of the sea and invite happiness, harmony and positive vibes into your space. In order to keep the the ocean’s stimulating vibrations with you when you’re on the go put the gems in your purse, keep them on your desk, etc. so that the ocean is always close to your heart.
  • Abalone shells are another way to connect with the ocean when you are on land. A sacred symbol of the sea, abalone shells are known as the ears of the ocean because of their intimate connection with the the elements of the water. The shells possess great healing and soothing energy, encouraging a much calmer demeanor when you hold and meditate with them.
  • Finally, Amazonite is an uplifting crystal that brings out your wild side. It connects you to your higher truth and your inner heart energies. Amazonite encourages you to embrace your playful spirit and let loose.

The ocean can transport you to a fantastical world in which you are capable of achieving your heart’s desires. The waves are there to push you out of your comfort zone and encourage change. Conversely, at times in which the water is calm, its stillness entrances you and eliminates any restlessness you may be experiencing. Even if you’re not able to physically find your way to the ocean this summer, take yourself there mentally with the use of these ocean crystals. Allow yourself to channel your inner mermaid and connect with a more whimsical side of yourself. No matter where you are, allow your inner mermaid to thrive as you reconnect with the ocean. She’s been waiting for you to arrive!

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Photos by Natasha Mounsey.


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