Must Have Tools for Smudging Your Home

Smudging your home

Smudging your home on a regular basis is very important, especially when you are working with crystals and gemstones. What we have been finding lately—especially since mercury is in retrograde—is that our homes and office space need a thorough sage cleansing more often than usual. In fact, we smoked out all the rooms of the Energy Muse office today with both Sage and Copal, and we all feel much better after doing so.

You may be asking yourself, how can smudging your home be so powerful? The answer lies in the world of spiritual energy. Our homes, spaces and bodies are not just made up of purely physical matter; they also vibrate with quiet, invisible energy. Cleansing your home or your body with techniques, like smudging, clears away all the emotional and psychic “junk” that may have gathered over time. And the effects of smudging can be quick and many times surprisingly dramatic! You will immediately be able to feel a difference in the energy that surrounds you.

We are finding that smudging your home and body is very important when wearing your Energy Muse jewelry and utilizing your crystals. If we do not regularly cleanse the energy of our space and our body, it makes it much harder for the healing properties of the crystals to break through to our bodies. When our own energy and the energy of our home is muddled and not clear, the crystals and your intentions become muddled as well. We recommend that you give your home a good, thorough sage cleansing at least once a week—or whenever the air feels heavy, clogged or you feel unfocused in your space.

You want to have all the right tools in your “energy cleansing kit” for when you are ready to perform your energy cleansing. Smudge sticks, candles, crystals, salts and oils have been used for cleansing and cleansing spaces since ancient times—they are powerful! With the following energy tools, you will have everything you need to ensure that the energy of your home remains clean and pure:

  1. The first thing in your energy cleansing kit should be your Smudge Stick. The most effective herb for smudging is sage. Sage has the power to drive out negative energies, spirits and influences. Burning your sage and smudging your space would be the first thing to do in your energy cleansing. Our Sage Cleansing Set is perfect for your tool kit as it comes with a feather—for wafting your smoke to permeate the space—and an abalone shell to snuff out the embers of your smudge stick.
  2. The next tool to have in your kit is Candles. A lighted candle represents the element of fire. In native North American culture, fire is considered sacred to the gods. As well as having a powerful purifying effect, it is inspiring and can help in times of transformation. Fire brings light, courage and purifies your intention.
  3. Another must have for your energy cleansing kit are crystals. Crystals symbolize strength and bring the healing energy of the Earth into your space. It has the power to hold your intention and maintain it long after your cleansing takes place. Amethyst, Quartz Crystal, Selenite and Rose Quartz are all wonderful crystals to have in the main living area of your home. Choose the crystal that is right for your intention and your space. Your crystal will act as a generator and activator of energy, on both a physical and spiritual level. Make sure you remember to cleanse your crystals often though! A clean crystal is the most effective one!
  4. Sea Salt acts as a natural purifier when put in your space. It is full of yang energy and helps to transform the energy leftover from negative vibrations into positive ones by absorbing the negative energy. Place small bowls of sea salt in the northeast corner and south-western corner of your home. Change your salt every couple weeks to ensure that it is fresh and clear.
  5. The last essential for your energy cleansing tool kit is Palo Santo. Palo Santo is a sacred wood that is believed to have medicinal, cleansing and therapeutic powers. It helps to inspire creativity and fill your home with positive energy. Burning your palo santo should be the last step in your energy cleansing process as it attracts positive energy and aids in healing after all the negativity has been banished by the sage.

You can find all these must-haves for your energy cleansing kit—and much more—in the Energy Tools section of our website!

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