Live in the Present with Selenite in Hand

A Crystal Ritual to Live in the Present

Even if you can’t abscond to a far away place this summer, be sure to at least take 10 minutes for a mental vacation with this crystal ritual to live in the present. It’s easy to be present when we’re surrounded by nature. Settings like deserts, oceans and forests have a way of slapping us out of our complacency with their awe inducing beauty. Suddenly every breath we take is alive; nourishing more than our lungs as it feeds our soul. We allow ourselves to look up when we’re in nature. We take in small charms like the way light pours through the leaves of trees or the sweet sounds of birds. But then we come home, and shut ourselves off to these things. Even though the birds still chirp and the sky is just as radiant, we deem our daily lives not special enough to engage in subtle recognitions of pleasantries.

What purpose does this tunnel vision serve us? Does being less aware of the moment we’re in, make us more productive? By telling ourselves that we’re too busy to take in the moment and live in the present, what we’re really saying is, we’re not worthy of this moment. If you’ve ever had a problem with anxiety, you may be particularly acquainted with this issue. It’s a dilemma many people suffer from, when they are trying to be fully present in a moment, but can’t seem to stop thinking. Everything from worries about the future to self-criticism begins to flood in, and they find themselves back in their self-imposed tunnel. So what is the answer to the question that so many of us ask ourselves? Why can’t just enjoy the moment?

First, we need to ditch the idea that some moments aren’t worthy of seeking beauty in. If you can focus on something to worry about or something to judge or something to dislike, why can’t you instead focus on something gratifying? The next time you are stuck in traffic, challenge yourself to be present in that moment; to live in the present. No, not on the road rage you might feel inclined to give into. But rather, find something pleasant to devote your attention to, and breathe.

Breathing is the most integral aspect to living in the present moment. So much so, that it has become cliche. And that’s unfortunate, because some may choose not to invest in this simple solution because of how abundant the advice is in our culture. Do yourself a favor, and let this be one cliche you that you don’t get jaded by. Breathe like you would if you were standing on the top of a mountain. Consume your breath. And let your crystal ally Selenite aid in this effort.

Selenite is like liquid light. Bright positivity flows out from this stone as washes your worries away with purifying vibes. It brings you into the now. By grounding you, it takes you out of your cluttered mind and redirects your focus toward your body. Harmonizers add an extra level of balance to the equation. With one rod in each hand, they create a shield of protective, calming energy. From this state of calm, it is easier to find “the moment.”

Live in the Present with this Selenite Crystal Ritual

What you’ll need:

Live in the Present Ritual Steps:

  1. Find a place outside to where you can sit and soak in the daylight. When you’ve found your chosen spot, do nothing but recognize how the warmth of the sun on your cheeks feels. If able, take off your shoes so that your toes can feel the grass, sand or ground beneath you.
  2. Sit down and light your incense. The purpose of the incense, and this ritual in general, is to awaken your senses. To become hyper aware of everything you are feeling, seeing and smelling in the moment. The rich scents of palo santo, copal and frankincense all stir and purify the energy that affected by their smoke. They purify the mind and emotions, and reset the spirit. As you take in their balmy aroma, consciously engage in deep breaths.
  3. Hold your selenite harmonizers, one rod in each hand. You can choose to lay flat, or stay seated. For 10 minutes, keep your eyes closed and focus only on what you can feel, smell and hear. If thoughts start to creep in, that’s okay. Don’t judge yourself, just redirect the focus by consciously drawing another breadth—in and out. When you exit this fully aware state, your eyes will feel more open than they were before you entered it. You have chosen to be more aware of colors and the breeze and the small things that excite you. You have chosen to be in the moment. Carry this vow throughout the rest of your day. When you need a reminder to be mindfully present, repeat the practice. We don’t have enough moments in this life to skip the ones we deem unimportant.

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