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Crystal Jewelry Gift Guide - Energy Muse

When we ask our friends and family what they want for the holidays, they usually have to think for a moment before listing off a series of things they don’t really need. Instead, why don’t we ask our loved ones what their soul wants for the holidays? As we approach the season of resolution making, let’s think about what we can gift our friends as well as ourselves that will help with personal growth and intention setting. The best gifts are the ones that never stop giving. From the friends who need to attract confidence to those who need clarity and healing, this intention-based crystal jewelry gift guide has the perfect gift ideas to best nourish your loved one’s spiritual cravings.

2018 Crystal Jewelry Gift Guide

Health + Wellbeing: Good health is my birth right. I bless my body daily and take good care of it. 

Know someone trying to get healthier in 2017? It’s one of the most common new year’s resolutions, yet one of the first to get tossed aside after one too many cheat days in a row. Gift your love ones that one thing they can’t go without with this Health Bracelet designed to aid your wellness lifestyle goals. With stones like Blue apatite, Bloodstone and Dumortierite, this is a powerful crystal combination for when you want to focus on your health. Using this bracelet as their guide, your loved one will be reprogramming old habits with healthy ones well into next year and beyond.

Love: My heart is always open and I radiate love.

For the friend who finds a new soulmate every time they leave the house and has seen every romantic comedy ever made, an Attract Love Necklace is the perfect gift. Made with the loving energy of rose quartz, a double happiness symbol and red string, this sweet, alluring accessory is just what your friend needs to entice the romance they’ve been looking for.

Power: I am powerful. I have all the strength I need within me.

If you know someone who has a lot of talent, but needs the focus to tap into their strengths, a Power Wrap could help them get there. With a Power Wrap for women and one for men, this really is a gift for anyone on your list who just needs someone to light the match that will ignite their inner fire. With 9 different crystal energies combining to balance and enhance strengths, this wrap will be a stylish way for your loved one to harness their drive.

Positivity: I emit positive vibrations.

For too many of our friends and family, this has been a tough year. Chances are, you know someone who is feeling a little drained and a little defeated. Maybe all they need to lift their spirits is to know that a friend is thinking of them. If you want give them more than just a momentary boost, give them something personal that will brighten up their attitude and strengthen their long-term resolve. Every time they look down at their Happiness Bracelet, it will remind them of how much you care and fill them with the joy and determination to stay positive.

Prosperity: I am a money magnet.

Who can’t use more money? For the struggling artist, the friend opening a new business or the recent college grad with student debt to pay off, money can be a burden on the mind and spirit. Financial comfort could lift that weight. The Money Magnet bracelets is designed to attract prosperity by instilling the confidence to make wise financial decisions and amplifying the power of manifestation. The combination of numerology and crystal energy will enhance and draw abundance into the life of all who wear this luxurious bracelet set of aventurine, pyrite, amethyst and more.

Gratitude: The universe supports me and all my desires. I am grateful for everything and everyone in my life.

It may be easy to stay thankful during a month when family and friends are close, spirits are high and giving is the hallmark of the season, but gratitude can be as hard to maintain during those stressful post new year’s months as all your resolutions. All gifts bring gratitude, but a Gratitude Bracelet will bless your friend with gratitude for long after the first receive it. Whether your friend is new to the practice of gratitude, or an experienced believer of intentional thankfulness, this set of tiger’s eye, wood, jasper, blue apatite and more will benefit their discipline.

Energy Clearing: My mind, body and spirit are crystal clear.

Before boarding the plane to 2017, remember to check your baggage! Get rid of your spent energy with this Energy Clearing Necklace, and gift one to friend in need. Maybe they work in the service industry. Maybe they drive in traffic on the freeway every day. Or maybe they just have a tendency to pick other people’s energy, both good and bad. No matter what the reason, you are sure to have a friend who could use a daily energy detox, and this is white light producing selenite pendant is spiritual protection on a string.

Balance: Every day, I achieve greater balance between my thoughts and my actions.

Feeling disconnected, unable to communicate or unmotivated? Many symptoms we can’t find cause for are the result of one or more under-activated chakras. Whatever chakra needs healing, the Chakra Healing Bracelet will nourish it with rehabilitative energy designed to stimulate and bring it into harmony with your other chakras. Don’t forget to gift one to each of your reiki loving, light working, chakra obsessed friends as well!

Clarity: I am crystal clear on my intentions and goals.

Specifically designed for intention setting, what could be more perfect before New Year’s than this clear quartz Clarity Bracelet? Clear quartz establishes clarity by releasing energy blockages, clearing negativity, amplifying manifestations and programming intentions. Arm yourself with this rejuvenating bracelet, and set your intentions with confidence this January.

New Beginnings: I can begin again each and every day.

What is more inspiring than a blank canvas? Gift yourself and a friend a clean emotional slate with this Destiny Bracelet. Allow it to cleanse the spirit and inspire new growth with the curative energies of Moonstone, Rhyolite and Prehnite.

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