5 Simple Ways to Use Crystal Slices

5 Simple Ways to Use Crystal Slices

A crystal slice is an extremely useful shape to keep in your crystal collection. A crystal slice is simply a flat piece of a crystal. This shape makes it extremely easy to use for meditation, body layouts, gridding and for your altar. We’ve found that using different shapes and formations of crystals enhances the crystal properties in different ways.

How to Use Crystal Slices

Place a Crystal Slice on Your Third Eye During Meditation

To improve your ability to focus on your third eye during meditation, place a powerful third eye crystal between your brows. A Merlinite slice is the ideal stone for this. Merlinite, also known as Indigo Gabbro, has a strong connection to your intuition and is believed to help expand your knowledge and insights from a higher state of consciousness.

Create a Powerful Body Layout for Chakra Healing

Since plates lay flat, they are ideal for gridding your body. Not only will they stay in place, but they also cover a larger portion of your body with crystal energy. One of the benefits of using a crystal slice is that you can put an additional crystal on top of it to amplify its energy. Use a green fluorite slice with a rose quartz stone on top of it for a heart-opening combination. Labradorite crystal slice will also energize all of your chakras, so laying it on each chakra will cleanse your aura.

Use Slices for Crystal Grids

Crystal slices are also useful to have for creating a crystal grid. They allow you to add another layer of energy to the grid. You can include a dragon stone slice in a protection grid, or a green fluorite slice in a cleansing grid. You can use them on their own, or add another crystal on top of it.

5 Simple Ways to Use Crystal Slices

Stage a Beautiful Altar

You can use slices on your altar to display larger crystals on top, giving your altar a truly sacred feeling. Placing another crystal on top of a green fluorite slice will also cleanse it. If you have a statue of a small Goddess or deity, you can place their offerings on a crystal slice for an additional energetic offering.

Display your Crystal Slices in your Home Décor

Crystal slices can be incorporated to your home décor to add a subtle boost of energy to your design. You can place your beauty products on your lepidolite slice to infuse them with beauty energy. You can also place your herbs, vitamins or tinctures on top of a green fluorite slice to cleanse them. They are so simple to include into many areas of the home, so simply pick which energy you want in that space and place your crystal slice there.

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