How To Get Good Luck With Crystals, Especially While Gambling

How to Get Good Luck with Crystals

Good luck brings happiness, optimism and the feeling that a lucky star is shining upon you.  I am often asked, “How to get good luck in Vegas?”  What a great question. And after hearing hundreds of stories of people who have won it big in Las Vegas, a few gemstones seem to have a consistent winning streak.

Let me begin with a short story.  I have this really good friend, who is a corporate dynamo—she makes things happen! Her motto is go big or go home. This same vibe has proven true when she is in Vegas.  When in Las Vegas, she goes big and goes home with BIG winnings.  One night over dinner, I asked her about her Vegas winning streak and how to get good luck there.  She told me that she has a winning formula that she never deviates from.

She has two good luck charms, and they happen to be two Energy Muse healing necklaces.  Before she goes to the casino, she puts on her Wealth necklace and her Luck necklace.  These two healing crystal necklaces are the only pieces of jewelry she ever wears, aside from her wedding ring.  Upon entering the casino, she walks around until she gets a gut feeling about a slot machine. She then sits down.  She rubs the coin pendant of each necklace together in her hands, then touches each necklace to the slot machine. She says personal prayers and an affirmation. Even though she often goes to Vegas with family and friends, once she enters the casino, she prefers to gamble alone.  She believes this gets her in sync with the energy of the gemstones, the slot machine and her own breathing.  Over the years, she has played with other Energy Muse crystal jewelry combos, adding in the Prosperity necklace, but found that this was not a winning combo for her.

Since ancient times, one powerful Chinese good luck charm has incorporated 3 Chinese coins, tied together with red thread.  The Wealth bracelet and necklace are both made with Aventurine, often referred to as the manifestation stone, and a pendant of three Chinese coins tied with red string. From a crystal perspective, I have figured out this is how to get good luck in Vegas—by wearing Aventurine with this Chinese good luck charm.  It is green and money is green—it all lines up!  The Luck necklace and bracelet are made with Black Tourmalinated Quartz crystal. This gemstone helps to clear away any energy blocking you from moving forward. The Black Tourmaline dispels negativity and the Quartz Crystal helps you to stay clear, focused and guided. Over the years, I have noticed that the Prosperity necklace and bracelet, made with green jade beads and the ancient Chinese good luck charm, brings new opportunities and financial rewards.  However, it has not had a huge success rate in Vegas like, the Wealth pieces have.

Everyone has his or her own special ritual, talisman, good luck charm and superstition that works for them.   To answer the question of how to get good luck, start by believing that you deserve it. The energy of luck holds a vibration.  In order to attract something that you want, it is important to be at the same vibration as the energy you want to attract.  Circling back to my friend, she knew she was lucky. She felt it in every cell of her being and her reality always showed this to be true.  What you believe, you create.  CREATE LUCK and wear gemstones,  the energy of the Earth. This will keep you grounded and humble so that Lady Luck can shine upon you.


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    Pls can use lady luck necklace for wining football pool casino number matches drew

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