Honoring Your Divine Feminine

divine feminine

In ancient times, women, goddesses, and the divine feminine were honored as strong, beautiful and creative beings. In that period, people were aware of the makeup of the world. The survival of human beings relied on their ability to live in harmony with the world. The divine feminine was respected as the creator of life, growth, decline, death and rebirth. The power of the female in those times was irrefutable.

However, things changed as we disconnected from the rhythm of the world. We no longer honored the balance among nature and began seeking the masculine-driven qualities of focus, action, and physical strength.

Every person and living thing carries with it the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies. The masculine energy gives us consciousness, clarity, and knowledge, while the feminine provides us with warmth, caring, and protection. These energies in each of us create our thoughts, desires, and unique experiences of life. A balance between both these energies is essential to living in harmony and maintaining vibrational balance within your body.


Cultivate creativity
Women are the creators of life, but that essence of creativity extends beyond the role of a mother. Creative energy exists in each one of us, whether it is expressed through art, writing, or even starting a business. The feminine in all of us wants to create, so find a hobby or fulfilling career that allows you to do so.

Connect with Mother Nature
Physically touching and being in nature deeply grounds us. Since nature is strong, constantly changing, and capable of creating life from death, it’s no wonder studies show that it helps alleviate the impact of stress, deal with adversity, and lessen the symptoms of depression. Try taking a barefoot walk or lying in the grass while gazing up at the clouds. As you do, imagine the energy from the earth being absorbed by your body. You’ll feel recharged with peacefulness, strength, and appreciation for life.

Use feminine healing crystals
Create a Divine loving energy by utilizing crystals that carries a feminine energy. Our Goddess Collection, channels the energy of four powerful Goddesses, Green Tara, Kali, Quan Yin and Mother Moon. The essence of each Goddess are illuminated by the combination of healing crystals, so you can channel their unique feminine powers. You could also use rose quartz, which is one of the most versatile feminine stones. It is a powerful carrier of love, positivity, and harmony.

Enhance your independence
Many of the goddesses or feminine figures in various religions were virgins. You can mimic the essence of these figures by developing a deeper sense of independence. Disconnecting from our spouses, friends, and family to focus on our own goals and healing can be deeply beneficial. Remind yourself it is okay to say “no” and dedicate time everyday to serve yourself.

Honor your compassion  
The most obvious demonstration of nurturing, compassion, and unconditional love is the connection between a mother and her child. Imagine what our world could look like if everyone expressed this sense of powerful love towards everyone around him or her. Begin to notice the way you treat other people, and see if you can provide someone with extra kindness, understanding, and love.

Photo by Nikki Dalanzo


  • Reply May 28, 2017

    La Gia

    Hello, would you be able to recommend any crystals to heal deep feminine blocks of anger, fear, brokeness, after loss, abandonment, trauma etc.

    Thank you

    • Reply May 30, 2017


      Hi there! We would definitely suggest Rainbow Obsidian. It is a wonderful stone for working through everything you’ve mentioned. It’s energy is wonderful for women to work with because it’s a black stone, but also has that lighter rainbow dimension as well.

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