Grounding Crystals & Exercise To Help You Keep Your Cool

grounding crystals

Summer is sadly coming to an end and school schedules are starting to resume. This time of year can turn your household into a whirlwind of chaos. Remaining grounded and balanced between everyone’s busy schedules can be very difficult—yet crucial to your health and happiness. Wearing grounding crystals and performing this simple grounding exercise will help you keep your head from spinning off!

hematite healing crystals

Hematite Healing Crystals

One of the most beneficial grounding crystals is Hematite. Hematite healing properties help you to remain balanced and grounded regardless of the situation. It is the most powerful and effective grounding gemstone of them all. It absorbs all the negative energy from your body, eliminating stress, anxiety, fear, anger, worry and any other negative emotions. Hematite pulls any stray, floating energy down into your root chakra to connect you, on a deeper level, to the energy of the Earth. When these grounding stones and crystals touch your skin, you feel an immediate energetic shift—we are not joking, it’s crazy! Hematite helps to transform your mindset, de-cluttering it, so that you are able to see what steps you need to take to make your dreams a reality.

We find that our customer’s favorite grounding piece is the Energy Muse Grounding Anklet! The grounding crystals in this anklet are magnetic, and their energy pulls your body’s energy down towards the Earth. We find it particularly effective because you wear the grounding crystals on your ankle, around your foot, which is constantly attached to the Earth. Slip your grounding anklet on under your jeans everyday when you get dressed in the morning and let the grounding energies of the Hematite heal your body all day long!

Along with your grounding crystals, try this simple grounding exercise that you can do in less than 10 minutes. Sit (or stand) in a quiet room. Visualize roots streaming from the bottoms of your feet, growing downwards and hooking your feet deep in the core of the Earth. Breathe and visualize all the negativity, anxiety and energy blockages flowing down through the roots and dissolving into Mother Earth. Visualize green healing light coming back up the roots through the soles of your feet, running up your legs to your heart and filling you with healing, vibrating energy!


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