How to Ground Yourself with a Nature Walking Meditation

walking meditation

As the seasons start to change, some of us may be more comfortable cozying up in a blanket on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book, than venturing out into the crisp autumn weather. However, it’s during these times where we spend more times indoors that we need to make the effort to get outside and connect with nature.

One of the most peaceful things to do in the fall and winter is to take a meditation walk. Outdoor meditation is one of the best meditation methods for grounding, reconnecting with the earth and boosting your mood. It also is the perfect opportunity for cleansing crystals in a unique way.

Layer on some clothes and gather a few healing crystals and a blanket or yoga mat to sit on. Head to a local hiking trail, park or other outdoor location, and begin your meditation walk.

On your walking meditation, avoid using any electronics. Also, if you are with someone else, try not to talk to one another and simply enjoy each other’s presence as you journey together.

As you walk, step consciously, moving slowly to ensure you are appreciating every plant, leaf, tree and animal you pass by. This is a form of walking meditation that will deepen your connection to the world around you.

Walking Meditation in NatureWhen you see a feather, a beautifully colored leaf or a unique rock, pick it up and carry it with you on your journey. When you’re walk is coming to an end or you find a particularly stunning spot, use the nature items you have collected to create a sacred space for yourself. You can use whatever materials you can find around you and you can make it as big or little as you’d like.

After you’ve built your sacred space, add the crystals you brought. Not only will you be able to have a sacred space filled with pure earth energy, but you will also be cleansing the crystals with the earth energy. If you have a few crystals that you no longer use, it would be a great idea to bring them along and leave them as an offering back to nature. Then the crystal will serve as a mark of beauty to other hikers and someone who needs it will come across it.

When your sacred space is finished, unroll your mat or blanket and sit and enjoy the nature surrounding you. You can chose to sit in meditation, or if it’s too chilly to sit, you may also practice yoga. A few rounds of sun salutations would enhance your connection to nature and provide a deep moving meditation.

After you finish your outdoor meditation, thank the earth energy for providing you with all of the energy you need to live. Then finish by using the same walking meditation technique you used earlier as you head back.


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