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Stone for Taurus, Taurus Crystals

Taurus signs, born between April 19th and May 20th, are determined, patient, reliable and calm. They prefer a slow-pace of living and like to come up with an action plan before jumping on board with a new idea. Once committed to something however, they are fully determined and move at a steady pace through obstacles or challenges put in their way. Taurus is an earth element, making them practical and realistic. Using one of the Taurus birthstones enhances your strengths and supports your weaknesses.

These traits represent the sun sign of Taurus, which influences your nature and interests. Your rising sign, also known as your ascendant sign and your moon sign also influence your personality and the way you see the world. Your rising sign can sometimes be even more representative of you than your sun sign, because it determines how others perceive you. The moon sign reflects you inner self and contributes to how you handle fears and emotions. The combination of your sun, rising and moon signs make up your own personality. Working with Taurus crystals allow you to tap into your personal power and enhance these qualities that already exist within you.

You can discover your sun, rising and moon signs with a free birth chart from the AstroTwins. You will need the time and place of your birth.

Taurus Sun Sign: Your Taurus Crystals

The most powerful stone for Taurus is green jade stone. Taurus signs have the ability to steadily move through any obstacles in their life. Green jade enhances that ability and encourages you to lead a richer and more fulfilling life. It can also help you attain your goals and dreams and allows you to see past any of your self-imposed limitations.

Another one of the Taurus stones is carnelian stone, which aids in your ability to be a strong leader. Taurus sun signs are often soft spoken, but carnelian gives you the confidence to find the courage and personal power within yourself to lead and achieve your dreams.

Another beneficial crystal for Taurus signs is pyrite stone. Taurus signs strive for stability in the job and also are able to attract new opportunities easily. Pyrite stone brings in the energy of wealth and luck, making it a powerful enhancer of Taurus energy. It also brings in the energy of the sun, which is happy and uplifting.

Taurus Rising Sign: Your Stone for Taurus Rising

Malachite stone encourage growth and transformation. Taurus signs like to be steady and consistent, but malachite encourages you to make change to move forward outside of your comfort zone. Practice malachite healing to rid you of beliefs, habits or people that no longer serve you. Be open to change, transformation and growth and new opportunities will present themselves to you.

Taurus Moon Sign: Your Taurus Stones

A moon in Taurus means you are loyal, dependable and appreciate stable relationships. The most powerful moon stone for Taurus is rutilated quartz. It helps you realize your life path while giving you guardian angels to watch over you. It stimulates your spirituality. Green calcite removes any negative beliefs from the past and encourages you to move forward with newness. Prehnite stone facilitates letting go of things, which can be an issue for a Taurus moon because they find comfort and security in those things. It asks you to trust that all you will need will be provided. Malachite is also beneficial to Taurus moons because of its ability to foster change. Practice malachite healing to release any beliefs, habits or people who no longer serve you. It will guide you through periods of change.


  • Reply April 20, 2016

    Karen Stahlros

    I am new to crystals and have a question. I am a Taurus, but I don’t find myself drawn to any of these stones. I even had a pyrite stone that I couldn’t hold and I gave it away. It gave me such an uneasy feeling. Is this a bad thing, or should I just go with what one I am drawn to. Thanks for your time.

    • Reply April 20, 2016


      Hi Karen! All of our blog posts are simply meant to be a guide to point someone in a direction if they are unsure where to start! We always first recommend connecting with the crystals you are attracted to. Those are the ones whose energy you need most! Trust your intuition and chose a stone that resonates with you!

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