Find Your Most Powerful Scorpio Birthstone

Scorpio Birthstone, Crystals for Scorpio

Scorpios, born between October 23rd and November 21st, are fiercely passionate, independent and loyal. They have a drive that allows them to accomplish anything they put their mind to and a need to do things right the first time, making them extremely efficient. Scorpios aren’t the most sociable and tend to act in extremes, seamlessly flowing between states of joy and anger in a matter of seconds. With an intense Scorpio, there is always more than meets the eye. Scorpios are water element signs, making them either calm like the sea or possessing the force of a storm.

These traits signify the sun sign of Scorpio, which determines your nature and interests. Your ascendant, or rising sign, and your moon sign also influence your personality and desires. Your rising sign can even be more telling than your sun sign. It determines how others perceive you. The moon sign reflects your inner self and controls how you handle fears and emotions. This combination of Sun, Rising and Moon signs make up your own personality. Using crystals for Scorpio enhances these qualities that are within you already, allowing you to tap into your personal power.

Sun in Scorpio: Your Scorpio Stones and Crystals

The most powerful Scorpio birthstone is rhodochrosite. This Scorpio stone opens your heart to love. Sometimes, the intensity of Scorpio traits cause quick reactions, frustration or even anger. The rhodochrosite meaning is to bring more love into your life, which helps to calm excessive emotions.

scorpio birthstoneAnother Scorpio birthstone includes citrine. The citrine stone will help with Scorpio’s already prominent determination to achieve anything they put their minds to. Citrine will help you see clarify in what you should be manifesting for your life. It will also supercharge your will and ability to achieve your dreams. Sodalite is another birthstone for Scorpio. This stone has a very calming effect on the body, filling your energy field and space with soothing and balancing energies. Raw sodalite may be one of the most beneficial Scorpio healing crystals because it holds the calming energy that Scorpios rarely have, but strongly need. Amethyst is another Scorpio stone because it rids the body and space of negative energy and promotes contentment and spirituality. The final must have stone for Scorpios is quartz, one of the most versatile crystals. It will bring you into focus with your dreams and amplify the energies of all the other crystals.

Scorpio Ascendant: Your Scorpio Birthstone

Smoky quartz is the ideal stone if you have a Scorpio rising sign. Smoky quartz releases negative feelings and energy. With your rising sign being Scorpio, you tend to hold emotions in as you show a calm, unwavering façade. This crystal will help you release that tendency to be secretive or unexpressive. Doing so allows you to release what does not serve you and remain grounded.

Scorpio Moon Sign: Your Scorpio Crystals

Smoky quartz is also a useful crystal if you have a Scorpio moon sign. It promotes detoxification and elimination on the energetic level and teaches you to let go of what does not serve you. It gives you strength during difficult times, allowing you to face conflict head on. Another moon in Scorpio birthstone is rutilated quartz. You have the ability for impactful self-transformation. This makes you an excellent healer and rutilated quartz acts as a support for your soul.


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