Feeling the Eclipse Energy? Here are 4 Simple Crystal Cures

Do you feel that stirring? Yep, all of the sleeping beasts that we’ve been tiptoeing around in our lives, are being poked by the rousing energy of the cosmos. With a new moon, a retrograde and massive eclipse energy packed into the month of August, many of us are feeling our inner monsters come to the forefront. What can you do? Hold tight to your crystals, because everything you’ve allowed to go undiscussed or unaddressed will likely become a source of tension in the coming weeks – giving us the chance to grow, shift and evolve.

Whether it’s relationship issues, financial problems or even fixes that you’ve been putting off around the house, the tactic of avoid first and deal with it later will reach its breaking point during this time period. As always, during moments of chaos, we recommend that you reflect, release and renew. It’s not a time for new projects. Instead, as the universe forces you to contend with your issues and rededicate yourself to your relationships, look to your crystal tool kit as a resource of calm guidance. It’s a time for contemplation and reflection to find growth and evolution within the chaos.

Crystal Cures for the Eclipse Energy

It may seem cliche, or like we’ve said it a thousand times, but we really can’t stress the rose quartz enough right now. Rose quartz is a go-to stone for a reason. It encourages those who connect with its energy to slow down and nurture themselves with love. This heart-centered crystal grounds us in the energy of self-love and resilience, reminding us that all of this craziness will soon pass. When our feelings get hurt, it can be easy to give into the intensity of the eclipse energy around us, and permit our emotions to spin out of control. Rose quartz inhibits this inclination. By meditating with rose quartz, you are able to channel forgiveness into the area that is being taken over by toxic emotions. Rose quartz will guide your spirit to a space of love within yourself, and it’s there where you can take shelter.

If your brain is energetically tapped, but you have more fires that need to be put out, lean on the energy of Amethyst to support and advise your mind in times of crisis. As a crystal linked to the third eye and crown chakras, amethyst works to purify the mind of stress, anxiety and disarray. With a clean slate, amethyst energy will then elevate your decision making skills.

Often suggested as an ideal stone for addicts, amethyst assists in breaking negative patterns of behavior. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, ignoring our problems can be just as negative a behavior as anything else. As we are increasingly confronted by issues, it’s a good idea to connect to the energy of amethyst, and ensure that you handle your business, rather than slip back into the cycle of ignoring it. Using amethyst, we can tap into our intuition, and better understand the plans or actions we need to take. It’s stone that guides you to a broader comprehension of what shifts you need to go through in order to have spiritual growth.

Rather than allowing yourself to get weighed down by stress, get weighed down by large minerals, instead! Large specimen of stones like Black tourmaline will have an extremely grounding effect. These crystals will use their high vibrations to pull the core toward the energy of the earth. We like using black tourmaline in particular, because black stones are spiritually protective. They are outlets through which you can channel all of the crazy eclipse energy out, and bring the stable energy in. Shungite, another black stone, works well in neutralizing frenetic energy. The goal is to not submit or contribute to the intensity surrounding you. Black stones are effective in this effort because they dissipate the all over the place eclipse energy, and bring you in a slower, more focused state of mind.

Remember the tools that you have at your disposal to keep yourself centered this month. Using mindfulness techniques, yoga, meditation, sound baths, healthy eating and whatever else brings you to a place of calm, you can exit this chaotic, cosmic eclipse energy even stronger than you were before.

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