All About Sunshine: Crystals for Happiness + Positivity

All About Sunshine: Crystals for Happiness + Positivity

These past few months have been a time filled with love, light, and laughter, all gifted to us by the thriving sun, shining bright in the summer sky. Sadly, the time has come to wash the sand off the tips of our toes and tuck away our personalized versions of the itsy-bitsy, teeny-tiny, yellow polka-dot bikini. As the sun sets on the final moments of summer, it’s hard not to be a bit nostalgic at the memories we’ve made and our desire to ooze every ounce of warm light that is left before retreating our homes and hibernating through the colder days. Even though we all might still be in a stage of denial that in a little over a month summer’s warm kiss will slowly fade away, fall is eagerly waiting with open arms to wrap us up in a cozy embrace. As we ride out the last wave of the summer, add these crystals for happiness and positivity into your space to hold the energy of the sun all year long—even as the seasons change! 

The clock is ticking, so in the time we have left this sweet summer season, take the opportunity to soak in the sun’s rays and absorb the light that pours down and floods the Earth. If this past summer, you set goals for yourself and envisioned what the brighter days would have to offer, we encourage you to take the time to reminisce and reflect on those initial thoughts. Recall setting your intentions at the beginning of summer and refocus your goals moving into the new season. It is important to stay motivated as we transition into the latter half of the year so that we can continue the progress we’ve made in bettering ourselves. Remember, even with the absence of the sun, the light still remains by our side. These yellow crystals for happiness will fill your spirit with joy and high vibes until we see the summer sun again! 

Crystals for Happiness + Positivity

  • Yellow Apatite—manifests an aura of sunny, spiritual energy to lift your mood and brighten your day. It inspires hope and ignites your passion for life, encouraging a sense of self-worth and self-confidence enabling you to carry out your plans. Yellow apatite is an enlightening stone that allows you to process new information. The stone also brings out your creativity and brings knowledge to your inner self.  
  • Yellow Jasper—brings you happiness, clarity, and self-confidence. This stone stores the energy of the sun for you to have throughout the changing seasons. Yellow jasper stimulates positive vibrations making you more optimistic toward life. It is a strong healing crystal especially useful for those who are under pressure or extraneous amounts of stress since it replaces negative feelings with jovial emotions. Yellow jasper is one of the premier crystals for positivity and happiness.
  • Citrine—a gemstone of light that brings abundant happiness. One of the most powerful stones of manifestation, citrine can be extremely helpful in you intention setting. It is a wonderful tool to help you acquire wealth and prosperity. Citrine is especially beneficial to those of you who are starting a new year of school, or for those of you who anticipate busier times at work as we get closer to the holiday hustle.

Each of these crystals for happiness resemble the golden light exuded from summer sun. As we move into a new season, incorporate these yellow gemstones into your environment to carry the light of summer into the grayer days of fall and winter. The yellow hues reflected from the crystals will saturate your space and bring you positivity. Additionally, yellow apatite, yellow jasper, and citrine have properties that will enhance your clarity of mind adding promise to the success of your future endeavors. After you connect to the energy of the sun and surround yourself with light of these crystals for happiness, they will have you walking on sunshine throughout the rest of the year!

All About Sunshine: Crystals for Happiness + Positivity


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    Thank so for the great post! I like yellow hued gemstones and would like to find some good, natural citrine or golden healer quartz …. would you have any trustworthy dealers you would recommend ?

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