6 Crystals for Grounding Your Energy This Fall

6 Crystals for Grounding Your Energy

It’s about the time of year when the leaves are turning a warm amber, deep red, and golden yellow. The air has a crisp bite to it, early in the morning before the sun has had a chance to wake from her nightly slumber and warm the earth with her endearing smile. Fall is a time of togetherness as people look forward to the upcoming holidays and gather with family and friends to give thanks for each other. As the wind picks up with the changing season, our lives seem to get swept up and away in a whirlwind of commotion and chaos. Despite our best efforts there are times when we fall short of our goals and fail to stay on the right track. On your journey to better yourself, it is important to realize that you may make mistakes along the way. If you ever find yourself straying from your intended path, it is essential you find time to ground yourself firmly to the energy of the Earth. Turn to your crystals for grounding energy. Once you are able to restore balance in your life, an immense amount of weight will be lifted from your shoulders.

Crystals for Grounding + Stabilizing

  1. Hematite—a powerful stone to use when aiming to bring stability and grounding back into your world. Connects you to the Earth so that you may understand her different moods along with the different seasons. Inspires creative and original thinking when you feel energetically blocked. Physically, these crystals for grounding are believed to cool the body and restore it to a state of relaxation. As fall approaches, if you find yourself starting something new and feel you have any reservations toward it, use hematite to reaffirm your self-assurance and keep you on a guided path toward prosperity. 
  2. Black Tourmaline—can be used as a protective shield against any negative entities bombarding your energy field. This stone also negates any fearful thoughts or negative intuition so that you may continue along your journey without anything holding you back from reaching your highest potential. Not only does black tourmaline keep negative energy away from you, but it also serves as barrier ensuring that you do not assume someone else’s degrading energy. It is an extremely influential stone that can force the gray cloud above your head to evaporate into the air.
  3. Selenite—although many people think of selenite as a crown chakra stone, using Selenite during meditation protects and enhances your practice by adding an element of healing and grounding. When you hold the selenite in your hands, you immediately feel grounded, calm and more serene as if your energy field and aura is filling with liquid light.
  4. Dragon Stone—a unique energy tool to impart calmness and nurturing vibrations into the environment. Oftentimes, when we experience hard times, there’s a disconnect between our inner and outer selves.  Dragon Stone can be used to harmonize our exterior with our interior so that our minds carry the same intention as our bodies do. Formed over 50-70 million years ago, this stone provides an enduring strength and wisdom that cannot be obtained elsewhere.
  5. Indigo Gabbro—the energy from this stone is persistent in reaching out and literally dragging you back down to Earth making it an essential influencer in keeping you grounded. If you’re finding it difficult to stay focused on one thing at a time, indigo gabbro might be just what you need. It helps keep you centered and focused on the task at hand and keeps you from getting distracted by outside forces. So, as the seasons change be sure to stay in the now with this magical crystal.
  6. Petrified Wood—don’t let the name scare you, this stone is extremely healing and protecting against negative energies that try to bring you down. For those of you who struggle with anxiety or high levels of stress, petrified wood is excellent at calming nerves and reducing anxious thoughts and feelings. This stone is believed to be a fossilized tree that embodies the strength of roots growing underneath Earth and firmly implanting in your life.

At any time of year you may set new goals for yourself and devote the time and effort to bettering your mind, body, and spirit. But, we are only human and sometimes we have to admit that the journey to self-betterment is not always an easy one. Many of us will face trials and tribulations that cause us to lose sight of our overarching goals. The most important thing to do when you are feeling discouraged is to regroup, connect with your crystals for grounding, and then continue along your path. As we move into this new season, let’s all take some time to reflect on our progress, rather than dwell on our shortcomings. Let’s all connect to these empowering and inspiring grounding crystals and find new ways to ground ourselves so that we can find our way back to our intended paths and reach our highest potential in this life. 

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    David miller

    I know your 6 crystals work is very good. I used this Crystals. I am doing attitude very good. Your hematite, black tourmaline, selenite, dragon stone, indigo gabbro and petrified wood this 6 thing very good.

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