Choose Your Crystal Ally for 2018

Rather than overwhelming our spirit with a mix of energies and intentions, let’s strip it down and focus on just one resolution for the New Year. 2018 is going to be another beautiful year of change and transformation. The more you dedicate your energy to creating a foundation of stability, the better prepared you’ll be to handle the challenges that spring up and propel yourself forward. By using one crystal ally to set one intention throughout the year, you’re making sure that you maintain a core theme of consistency.

Centering your energy around that grounded theme, ensures that you’re clear about what you’re working toward. We need to move away from thinking of New Year’s as being the start of something crucial, and thinking that our first set back with our resolution is the end. Life doesn’t work that way. There is a flow that carries energy from lesson to lesson and year to year. Use the fresh energy that you feel at the beginning of a New Year to revitalize the passion of your pursuits, so that the flow of your life’s energy continues to move in the right direction.

Setting an intention requires more than shouting it out loud at a New Year’s Eve party. To really commit to creating positive changes this year, take the time to set your intention right. You can do this by using your chosen crystal ally to help you focus your energy on your core theme. Crystals aid our intentions by continuing to vibrate with the energy we program them with. Each time we lose momentum on the aspirations we’re pursuing, we can look to our crystal ally to help us get back in sync with our initial resolve.

Depending on what energy you want to cultivate in 2018, the crystal ally you choose will be different. We asked our crystal expert, Heather Askinosie, what her top crystal picks were for the most common themes that people like to focus on in their life. Read below to find out her 2018 favorites, and watch the video for her full explanations on how to make the most out of 2018 with your crystal ally by your side.      

—Rose Quartz: A Crystal Ally For Love—

Whether you’re setting the intention to invest more love in yourself, more love in your partner or more love in your fellow man + community, rose quartz is the stone you need to open up your heart and channel that energy.

—Amethyst: A Crystal Ally to Trust Your Intuition—

Let amethyst energy continue to bless your third eye with the wisdom and confidence to trust what it perceives. Helping to soothe away toxic thought cycles, amethyst energy provides the clarity you need to grasp a deeper understanding of situations.   

—Amazonite: Crystal Ally For Creativity—

Stop strangling your creativity with negative emotions, and allow the joyful amazonite meaning to guide you instead. Amazonite will encourage you to be more creative in every area of your life, so that you step back from over analyzing your work, and remember to enjoy other experiences. From that state of mind, it’s easier to recognize your muse.

—Hematite: A Crystal Ally For Grounding—

Use hematite to root yourself in stability. No matter what the year throws at you, you can grasp onto this stone’s energy to find your center. With a strong emotional core that is supported by the energy of determination, there’s nothing that can keep you down—even when you get knocked over.   

—Clear Quartz: A Crystal Ally For Clarity—

Remain clear on your goals, priorities and sense of self all year long with the guidance of quartz crystal. Quartz crystal energy will help you to cleanse the negative energy that is clouding your perception, and amplify the strength of your desire to better understand your needs.  

—Black Tourmaline: A Crystal Ally For Release + Letting Go—

If you need to let go of the past so that you can fully embrace your future, black tourmaline is the reassuring energy you need to keep your focus facing forward. By purifying your spirit of toxic attachments and thoughts, black tourmaline helps you to maintain a healthy priority on your own wellbeing.


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