Creating a Crystal Grid for Protection

crystal grid for protection

Often times, especially when mercury is in retrograde, I feel like I need extra protection in my home. If you find that the energy of any environment often feels stuck, heavy or like it needs to be cleared, placing a crystal grid for protection in your space will prove to be a very powerful tool. You may be wondering how to make a crystal grid for protection, which is why I have created this very powerful grid filled with protection crystals for you to place in your space. Each stone was handpicked to absorb and dissipate negative energy.

I started with my flower of life crystal grid cloth as the base to place my crystals for protection on. Place one Andalusite stone in the center of your grid. Andalusite is a stone that helps transmute conflict into harmony. The cross in the center is a reminder to stay focused on your intention; the intention to cleanse and clear your space, so that light energy can flow freely.

Place 4 Prasiolite stones and 2 Jet stones around the center stone. Prasiolite transforms negative energy into positive energy, without releasing it into the atmosphere. Jet helps to clear, cleanse and absorb negative energy. In the Victorian era, it was believed to be a powerful healing stone to wear, or have in your environment, to help with grief and grieving.

Crystal Grid for Protection

Crystal Grid for Protection

Around these stones, place 2 Tiger’s Eye stones, 2 Rutilated Quartz stones, 4 Dalmatian Jasper stones and 4 Garnet stonesTiger’s Eye is extremely protective and has a watchful energy–thus its name, tigers EYE–making it beneficial to have in any environment. Rutilated Quartz is known to attract angels for protection and blessings to those who wear it, or have it placed in their space. Dalmation Jasper brings a calm, grounding energy to any environment; one that is filled with light-hearted energy. Garnet is believed to a strong psychic protection stone, clearing and removing any stagnant energy.

On the outer perimeter of your grid, place 6 Black Tourmaline and 4 Red Jasper stones. Black Tourmaline is the master of the cleansing, clearing and protection crystals. It acts like a sponge, absorbing all negative, harmful and electromagnetic energy. Red Jasper brings balance, movement and protection, assisting in absorbing negative energy.

Place your crystal grid for protection in any space that needs an energetic “lift”. If a room feels heavy due to arguments, sickness, depression, financial loss, divorce, break up etc., place this grid on a surface that is off the ground and that will not be disturbed. Keep it in your environment for at least 40 days. On day 10, take all the stones off  the grid, run them under water to clean them off and place in the sun for 4 hours. Sage the entire environment and ring a bell or chime in the space where the grid is residing. Place the crystal grid back where it was, and reset all the stones. Repeat this every 10 days. After 40 days, rinse off all the stones and leave them outside in the sun or moon for 48 hours. The grid can be placed back in environment as a general crystal grid for protection afterwards. Tip: Ideally, sage your space at least once a week–if not more–when you are clearing negative energy out of a space.

Crystal grids are powerful tools that create steady change over time.



  • Reply June 10, 2015


    Before creating crystal protection grid, make sure that you are using all genuine stones and they are placed as per the pattern you are devising.

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  • Reply February 22, 2017


    My stepdaughter has been battling stage 4 colon cancer for a year. She is now under hospice care and they had confirmed that she is going through her death transition. I would like to set up a crystal flower grid and proper stones for distance reiki to ease her suffering, comfort and love her as she goes through her transition. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated

    • Reply February 27, 2017


      Hi Patricia, we are so so sorry to hear about your stepdaughter, and are sending her loving, healing vibes. In terms of a grid, you want to incorporate lots of selenite, and lighter colored crystals. We’d recommend rose quartz, citrine, quartz, amethyst, blue lace agate, anything that feels comforting, soothing and loving to you. Tap into your intuition, and place each stone with intention. Hope this helps!

      • Reply February 27, 2017


        Thank you so much for the feedback. Unfortunately, she recently passed away but the comfort of no longer suffering or in pain was a blessing. I will use the recommended stones to create the flower crystal grid to assist us through our grief, unless you have other recommendations. Thank you again.

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