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Sagittarius signs, born between November 22 to December 21 are free-spirited, optimistic, honest and enthusiastic. They have a desire to find a passion that fulfills their need for independence. Often times, Sagittarius signs are immensely inspiring to others because of their free spirited determination. Sagittarius is a fire element sign, making them extremely passionate.

These traits represent the sun sign of Sagittarius, which sheds light on your nature and interests. Your rising, or ascendant sign, and your moon sign also influence your personality and desires. Your rising sign can often be more accurate than your sun sign in describing your traits. It determines how others perceive you. Your moon sign reflects your inner self and controls how you handle fears and emotions. This combination of Sun, Rising and Moon signs make up your own personality. Using crystals for Sagittarius enhances these qualities that are within you already, allowing you to tap into your personal power.

Sun in Sagittarius: Your Sagittarius Stones and Crystals
The most powerful Sagittarius stone is bronzite stone. It grounds and brings harmony into your life. A Sagittarius who is so independent and free-spirited needs grounding energy to help you put more thought into your actions to make sure they are journeying in the right direction. It also brings you luck and good health. The abundance stone is citrine. Citrine will help bring all of your wishes to life and clearly see what adventurous endeavors to pursue and which to leave alone.  Black onyx is another birthstone for Sagittarius. It provides you with structure as well as support in difficult times.

Sagittarius Rising: Your Sagittarius Stone
You have a curiosity about the world and a need to find meaning in it.  Tiger’s Eye is the ideal Sagittarius stone if you are a Sagittarius rising sign. It strengthens your motivation and willpower. It also brings you new opportunities, wealth and prosperity. Since it holds the energy of the sun, it also brings in optimism and positive energy into your life. Ultimately, it allows you to adjust to new circumstances and opportunities with enthusiasm and drive.

Sagittarius Moon Sign: Your Sagittarius Crystals
With a Sagittarius moon sign, you are independent and sometimes you can disconnect from your emotions. Blue lace agate reconnects you to those emotions, allowing you to embrace them without becoming overwhelmed. It will also help you express your thoughts and feelings openly. Lepidolite is another stone for Sagittarius. You may notice that you tend to act in the spur of the moment. Lepidolite will help you think before action and reprogram your behavior. Another Sagittarius birthstone is Lapis Lazuli. You desire a deep understanding of the world, and this stone will help you connect with the spiritual realm.

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