Cancer Birthstones for Sun, Rising + Moon Signs

Cancer Birthstones for Sun, Rising + Moon Signs

Cancer signs, born between June 21st and July 22nd, are all about giving, nurturing and providing. As great as their need to do these things for others, the more they can learn to nurture themselves, the more full and fulfilled they will feel. Cancer signs are characterized as deeply intuitive, emotional and sensitive. They are also very loyal, empathetic people who treat everyone around them like family. Like Pisces and Scorpio, Cancer is a water element, notorious for their freedom and “go with the flow” attitude. Connecting with your Cancer birthstones enhances your strengths and supports you through any weaknesses.

These traits represent the sun sign in Cancer, which influences your nature and instincts. Your ascendant, or rising sign, and your moon sign also influence your personality and desires. Your rising sign can sometimes be “more accurate” than your sun sign, because it determines how others perceive you. Your moon sign is connected with your inner self and determines how you handle fears and emotions. The combination of your sun, rising and moon signs all influence your personality. Cancer stones and crystals support and accentuate these aspects of yourself. Finding the perfect stone for Cancer may depend on whether you’re a sun, moon or ascendant Cancer. Each of the Cancer crystals is powerful in different ways, so the best way to choose is to see which stone best aligns with your goals and resonates with you the most.

You can discover your sun, rising and moon signs with a free birth chart from the AstroTwins. You will need the time and place of your birth.

Cancer Sun Sign: Your Cancer Birthstones

Two of the best stones for Cancer signs are Moonstone and Black Kyanite. The Cancer birthstone, Moonstone, is strongly connected with the energy of the Moon, enhancing your intuition and representing new beginnings. As a moon-ruled sign, your intuition is naturally strong. Connecting with the energy of Moonstone helps you to harness your intuition and apply it to your decision making and every day life. It attunes you with your natural rhythm to help be more in tune with your wants, needs and desires.

As a sign that highly values routine and often hesitates when it comes to change, you sometimes find that your life is at a standstill. Moonstone helps to open you up to creating change and transforming your life to manifest your desires. One of your major challenges is letting go–especially when it comes to people and patterns from your past. Black Kyanite helps you to cut cords with any unhealthy attachments or relationships that are no longer serving your highest good. It brings up unresolved emotions from your past so that you can deal with them head on, resolve and let go of them to move forward.

Your home is very important to you, as it provides you with security and a sense of stability. When your home environment is balanced and thriving, you have the confidence to venture confidently into the world. Chrysocolla is a wonderful stone for Cancer signs to have in their space. It eliminates any negative energy in your space and helps you embrace any change with confidence and ease. Having it with you throughout the day also keeps you from becoming overly sensitive when challenges arise or things don’t go as planned.

Your Stones for Cancer Rising Signs

Also known as an Ascendant, the rising sign meaning is linked to zodiac sign that was rising in the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. It represents how you feel about others and their perception of you, including your attitude, demeanor, and appearance. The ultimate cancer birthstone for rising signs is also Moonstone. Cancer rising signs are often characterized by rarely being direct, preferring to size the opportunity up and weigh all their options before making a decision. They are uncompromising, driven and ambitious when it comes to goals. Connecting with your moonstone stone opens you up to the serendipity and synchronicity of the universe, helping you to be more direct with your goals. Its energy helps you to feel comforted and protected as you embark on your new venture. It also helps you to show your soft heart and vulnerability without being taken advantage of. Meditate with your moonstone over your solar plexus chakra to guide you to see what’s holding you back from achieving your dreams.

Cancer Moon Sign: Your Lunar Cancer Crystals

The moon sign meaning is related to your inner spirit and emotions, which makes the Cancer birthstone an essential tool on your journey of spiritual transformation. For the Cancer moon sign, healing crystals with relaxing and calming properties can be very beneficial, especially for soothing raw emotions that might come up. The lunar cancer birthstones help to explore your hidden needs, overcome emotional blocks and nurture yourself. With your moon in cancer, you feel comfortable with your belongings and your home secure and nearby. Like a crab, you always like to carry your most treasured possessions to have a little piece of home with you wherever you go.

Chrysocolla brings tranquility, balance and stability to your home space and your emotions. For emotional security, and the let go of reliving the past, keep a piece of pink tourmaline nearby. It softly opens your heart, giving you a gently nudge to let go of the things that are no longer serving you. Its energy also helps you from becoming emotionally overloaded.

Many of your blocks that come up have to do with your persistence to clinging to the things and people you hold dear. Sometimes, you end up suffocating the ones you love and that creates conflict. Connect with Rhodonite and Chrysoprase to embrace unconditional love and increase feelings of security in your relationships. These lunar cancer birthstones can help you heal your dependency or co-dependency tendencies. You crave emotional sustenance and validation, so instead of seeking that outwards, seek inwards. Meditating with Red Jasper daily will fill your being with nurturing energies of security and groundedness.

How to Set Intentions for your Cancer Birthstones

When you set an intention with your Cancer birthstone, it magnifies its healing power even more. The process of setting goals for spiritual transformation can help give you insight into your Cancer moon sign or your rising sign meaning. It all starts with setting goals that are in line with your personal values, aspirations, and life purpose. Ask yourself what truly matters. Also, be honest with yourself by looking at areas of your life that need an upgrade. Intentions should also be specific, such as what you want to achieve and what you need to get there.

Every month, set an intention for your stones and focus on one of the goals you want to achieve. Keep it simple and practice these thoughtful healing rituals at least once or twice a day for 10 minutes. Whether you achieve your goal is not important—it’s the experience of living in the moment that really counts.

Rituals with Birthstones of Cancer Sun and Moon Signs

For Cancer sun and moon signs, the healing properties of crystals can be magnified even more when you connect with their energy in a healing ritual. Following the ancient traditions of Native Americans, we recommend having a healing ceremony that aligns with the cycles of the moon. When you set intentions that harmonize with the phases of the moon, it is a powerful way to connect with the universe.

Give purpose and meaning to your Cancer moon sign when you set an intention for a healing ritual on the new moon. Start by writing down your intentions for your Cancer birthstone, which can be even more powerful when shared with others. In fact, one study found that people who wrote down and shared their goals were 33% more likely to be successful.

Two weeks later, the moon will be holding an intense amount of energy, which makes this moon phase ideal for harnessing the healing power of your Cancer birthstone. During this part of the ritual, be thoughtful about the things that are holding you back from your full potential.

Create an altar or sacred space for your Cancer birthstone, which can be an everyday fixture in your home. With your intentions on full display, along with other special objects that have meaning to you, it serves as a daily reminder of your intentions you’ve set to align with your rising and moon sign.

Also, set the stage for a healing transformation when you cleanse and purify the your Cancer birthstone with a sage smudging ritual. When the crystal is enveloped in Sage smoke, its energy will become cleansed and activated. For a double dose of cleansing power, add the smoke of the sacred Palo Santo wood, which has a sweet and comforting aroma that helps balance the earthy smell of Sage.

After cleansing your stones, begin cleansing the perimeter of your space using a feather to waft the smoke into the air. Keep your cleansing tools in an Abalone Shell, which catches the ashes and also looks pleasing to the eye with its iridescent sheen. To protect the beautiful luster of the Abalone, make sure to place a layer of sand in the middle of the shell.


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