The Benefits of Wearing Citrine

Wearing Citrine, Citrine Properties

The most powerful and healing way to use healing crystals is to connect with them and develop a deep relationship with them. When you have a large crystal in your home, you walk into a room and acknowledge its presence in the space. Similarly when you use a crystal during meditation, you again foster a connection to it by holding it or placing it on your body. However, once you leave the room or finish your meditation, the crystal is no longer in your presence.

Wearing crystal jewelry allows you to connect with a stone in a continuous way, growing a bond and energy between you and the piece. You can find moments throughout your day to gaze down at your bracelet, touch the stones and think about what it means to you. Doing those things enhances the energy of the crystals and will provide you with new insight and power that you won’t receive if you don’t connect with it on a deep level.

The Citrine Meaning

The healing properties of citrine are some of the most powerful to wear and connect with on a daily basis. Citrine properties make it the best stone for creating your dreams, bringing positivity into all situations and amplifying the intentions of other jewelry and stones.
Wearing Citrine: Benefiting from the Citrine Meaning

The biggest obstacle we face is often ourselves. We impose negative energy on ourselves by making ideals, putting good and bad labels on things and doubting our abilities. Wearing citrine allows you to bring the light into any situation. You’ll notice your thoughts transform to positive ones, managing to find the light even when it may feel as though you are surrounded by darkness.

It is only when we are living in the idea of light—that there is good in all situations— that we are able to align ourselves with the power of the Divine and create everything we want. That is why the citrine properties are especially useful for creating what you want to bring into your life, because it forces you to acknowledge the greatness of your current situation and all the greatness you have in yourself to create more meaning in your life.

Wearing citrine allows you to bring the citrine properties with you wherever you go, constantly connecting you with the light. When you live in the light, you are able to create all that you want, making citrine the ideal stone to use with others to amplify the intentions you set in them. Wearing a citrine bracelet with another crystal bracelet will give immense power to your intentions.

No matter what your intention is, a citrine crystal will help bring your intentions to life. The citrine properties provide the light and energy needed to create all that you dream of. Wearing citrine daily is the best way to capture the power of citrine and wearing it with another bracelet will only help to amplify your desires.


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