The Magic of Amethyst Cacoxenite

amethyst cacoxenite, melody stone

The energy in our office shifted the minute these healing crystals arrived. I had never seen anything like these beautiful mineral specimens before. The vibratory energy was high and it was if the stone was saying, “I am here now and I would like your full attention.” I put one in my hand and I was completely mesmerized. It was a very deep color purple with strands of gold, yellow, white, brown and grey within it.

“What is this???” I asked our crystal provider.

 “It’s known as the Stone of Ascension,” he said.

The stone is Amethyst Cacoxenite, also known as the “Melody Stone” or the “Super Seven crystal,” which are both trademarked terms. I read that the miners who showed Melody—author of the book Love is in the Earth— this stone originally named it after her, in her honor. It is said that the Melody Stone was first discovered in Espiritu Santo, Brazil. It is a combination of seven different mineral specimens: amethyst, quartz, rutile, smokey quartz, goethite, lepidocrocite, cacoxenite, and sometimes hematite. Although it’s uncommon to have all these minerals in a single piece, more mines in Brazil are discovering the Melody Stone.

amethyst cacoxenite crystal

Rainbow-filled Amethyst Cacoxenite Crystals

Amethyst cacoxenite is believed to be the stone of spiritual evolution, raising the consciousness of the human race. I must admit that the day these super seven crystals arrived, our showroom was packed with people, who all said they just felt that they needed to come by. Everyone who came in had the same reaction. “Wow! What is this? I have never seen it before, but I must have one.”  Every single person that came into our showroom that day left with at least two amethyst cacoxenite crystals. I believe certain healing stones come into your life when you are ready to evolve and learn new things. And this was definitely the case with these crystals.

I have recently come to the realization that some of my favorite healing crystals are not always the big ones, but the ones that I can hold in my hand or carry in my pocket. The smaller stones allow me to have a deeper, more personal connection with them because I can have them with me at all times. I am able to touch, feel and look at them more often, and they are able to share their story with me. This seems to be true for people and relationships as well. The more we take the time to spend time with people who are important to us, the deeper and richer the relationships become. Connection takes time, but the time is well worth it. Crystals are here to remind us to reconnect to each other and with Mother Earth.

The Melody Stone is an advanced stone. It takes you on a fast-track ride to your soul. It encourages you to expand past your current reality and let go of all the doubt, fear, anger or anything that disconnects you from seeing the good things that exist in your life.

Work with this crystal by holding it, carrying it in your pocket or purse, or simply placing it in a room that you spend time in–like your sacred space. It holds a vibration of healing and expansion that connects you with your highest spiritual light.



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  • Reply April 15, 2017



    I am looking for a piece with Ameythyst Cacoenite, to wear on a dealing basis. What jewelry do have available?

    • Reply April 17, 2017


      Hi Eli! We only have Amethyst cacoxenite crystals at this time, but we may perhaps have them in the future!

  • Reply November 16, 2017


    Hello! I recently purchased a stunning super seven specimen that had deep, gorgeous color. After a few weeks, though, it seems…bruised…from the inside. There are white, cloudy patches on the inside of the crystal. One or two bruises on the edges, but mostly on the inside. It would make sense if the crystal had been dropped a lot or damaged but it sits on a shelf. No kids. Just an old dog. Nobody that would damage the crystal.

    I figured that the changed appearance was simply the changing of the seasonal light. Maybe I was now noticing characteristics that were always in the specimen but hard to see at different angles/lighting? But now I am not so sure.

    Any thoughts?

    • Reply December 5, 2017


      Sometimes with crystals, that happens! We’ve had a few scenarios where the appearance of the crystal has just changed or altered in front of our eyes. Have you cleared your crystal?

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