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Black Tourmaline Point


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Protection • Security • Boundaries
When you want to feel spiritually safe and protected, a Black Tourmaline Point gives you the energy you need. Use a Black Tourmaline Point in meditation to cleanse and shield you from negative energy.


Protect your energy field with a Black Tourmaline Point. Use this tool to cast a shield of protective energy around your spirit. By connecting with Black Tourmaline, you cleanse your spirit of any negativity that you’ve been holding onto. Whether that negative energy is coming from within, or was directed toward you from someone else, you can use Black Tourmaline to get rid of it.

Black Tourmaline transforms negative energy into positive energy, and creates a lasting feeling of security. This enables you to maintain healthy boundaries with people, thoughts or places that bring you negative energy. Place this point in your space at home or at work to infuse the atmosphere with purified protection. Black Tourmaline keeps new negativity from penetrating the spirit and space, and dissolves any dark energy that was already there.

Use this Black Tourmaline point to set an intention for safety and protection. Simply hold it in your hand, and state aloud or in your head, “I am safe, protected and secure. I hold no negative energy.”

Origin: Brazil

What Does It Mean When I’m Drawn to a Black Tourmaline Point:

If you’re feeling drawn to a Black Tourmaline Point, your spirit may be craving light, positive energy. Just as you need to ensure that your home is cleansed and protected, you have to do the same for your spirit. So when your spirit wants the energy shield of Black Tourmaline, you may be looking for that stable, secure feeling.    

How to Use a Black Tourmaline Point:

To use your Black Tourmaline Point, hold it in your hand with the tip of the point facing inward, toward your body. This directs the energy into the spirit.


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