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Black Obsidian Cube


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Size: ~1"-2"


Quick Overview

Awareness • Negativity Cleansing • Grounding
Set this Obsidian Cube on your desk at work or in your home to enjoy its cleansing properties. Obsidian helps you to release negativity, and increase your awareness. This broadens your perspective and provides a grounded foundation for your spirit. 


Just as this Obsidian Cube is able to maintain balance, so can you when you tap into Obsidian energy. The grounding energy of Obsidian comes from its negativity cleansing properties. By helping you to release all the negative energy stored in your spirit, Obsidian allows you to reflect on situations from a positive point of view. This increased awareness will bring harmony into spirit and life.

Having an Obsidian Cube on your desk at work will keep stress or negative coworkers from dampen your spirit in the office. You can also use this in your home to bring grounding to your space. An Obsidian Cube in the home encourages heightened awareness between everyone in the space, and reduces any negative energy. This leads to a more harmonies household.

Origin: Mexico

What Does It Mean When I’m Drawn to an Obsidian Cube:

When you are drawn to an Obsidian Cube, your spirit is probably looking to establish a stable, foundational energy. Since Obsidian is known for bringing awareness and dispelling feelings of negativity, it could mean that your spirit is ready to embrace new levels of understanding and positivity.

How to Use an Obsidian Cube:

Set the Obsidian Cube wherever you want to cleanse negativity and establish a more grounded energy. It works especially will in the office, such as on your desk, or in your home. If placing Obsidian in the home, set it in a central, communal space like the living room. This will ensure stable home environment for all who live and visit there.  


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