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Clearing • Cleansing • Vibration
The sound cast off by this brass Bell will help cut through the stale energy that is keeping your space from radiating on the level it could be. For those times when you just feel blah, bust out this bell and do a little space clearing with sound! Be sure to move around the space, ringing the bell in every room and every corner. This technique works great in combination with sage or palo santo as well. 

Size: ~4 inches


When selecting which bell to ring in positive vibes with, don’t be fooled by size. You don’t need something as big as the liberty bell to create cleansing reverberations within your space. Even this small bell can have a powerful impact on breaking through the dense, negativity that may be clogging fresh energy from circulating around your home.

No matter how many crystals you keep in your space, or how wellness-oriented your lifestyle might be, you can still end up with bad energy in your home. The reason is fairly simple. The longer you go without cleansing your crystals, the more overburdened and dim their power becomes. So even if you’ve decked your space out in high-vibing crystals, there’s no real replacement for a good, old fashioned cleanse. Same goes for your own, personal energy. If you’re not cleansing yourself and your space periodically, you’re unintentionally allowing all of the energy that attaches to you through the day to remain stagnant in your home. The solution is to purify that energy, which many don’t realize, you can do with sound!

The positive sound energy cast off by this bell will cut through the stale energy that is keep your space from radiating on the level it could be. For those times when you just feel blah, the moment you want into your space, bust out this bell and get to cleansing! By sure to move around the space, ringing the bell in every room and every corner. This technique works great in combination with sage or palo santo. The smoke from medicinal herbs and woods will hang in the air, continuing to purify and uplift energy that the bell instantly works to break up. Sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it?   

How to Clear Your Space with a Bell:

Starting at your front door, or entrance into the room, move around each room clockwise, ringing the bell three times in each corner. If a space is starting to feel heavy, ring it out!


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