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Aventurine Touchstone


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Size: 1.5" to 2" 


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Luck • Confidence • Success
Increase your luck in all areas of your life with an Aventurine Touchstone. This confidence-boosting crystal will help put the odds in your favor by empowering you to go after all lucky endeavors in your career, relationships, personal life and more.


Looking for luck? An Aventurine Touchstone connects you to the lucky energy you already have inside of you. Being lucky is about being in the right place at the right time, and Aventurine crystals help position you right where you need to be. The Aventurine properties open your heart to all possibilities to be lucky, and increase your confidence to go after those chance opportunities. By connecting with an Aventurine Touchstone, you will have a tangible way to connect to your inner luck and bring that energy with you in all of life’s experiences.

Origin: Brazil

How to Use an Aventurine Touchstone:

Hold an Aventurine Touchstone in both hands and think about an area of your life in which you want to be lucky. Let the Aventurine Touchstone fill you with confidence to go after your lucky opportunity.


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