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Amethyst Touchstone


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Size: ~1.5"


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Peace • Stress Relief • Intuition
With these soothing Amethyst Touchstones, you can hold calming energy in the palms of your hands. After a long day, relaxing with the energy of Amethyst resets your stress levels. Let the Amethyst energy connect with your mind to ease tension and establish a peace filled spirit.


Use an Amethyst Touchstone in peaceful meditation, or simply grasp it when you need a dose of calming energy. Amethyst healing properties are known to transform the mind with positive, cleansing vibrations. When you tap into Amethyst energy, you press pause on any chaotic thoughts or emotions stirring around your mind. This allows you to think clearly and better assess situations. It is this quality of Amethyst’s healing properties that makes it the ideal tool for breaking out of stress or negative patterns. By cleansing the mind of negativity, Amethyst elevates your perspective and helps you work through thoughts or situations in a healthy manner.

Amethyst cleanses the mind of worries, doubts or blocks, and allows fresh energy to circulate in. This establishes a harmony that brings your mind and emotions into balance. When you have a healthy mindset, it becomes easier to make healthy decisions. These positive choices aren’t limited to your personal life, either. Amethyst is often suggested for those who need help with their business, because it lends its benefits to new, logical ways of thinking that perhaps you missed while focused on something else.

Origin: Madagascar

What Does It Mean When I’m Drawn to an Amethyst Touchstone:

If you’re drawn to an Amethyst Touchstone, you are ready to relax the mind and center your spirit. An Amethyst Touchstone is the perfect tool for getting in touch with your inner calm.

How to Use an Amethyst Touchstone:

Hold your Amethyst Touchstone in your hand during quiet meditation, or hold it whenever you need to soothe your spirit throughout the day.


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