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Affluence Wrap

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The Affluence Wrap comes in two sizes: ~7.5" and ~8.5"

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Abundance • Confidence • Inspiration
Made with golden Pyrite, our Affluence Wrap strengthens your confidence by teaching you that life is full of abundance and endless opportunities. Pyrite helps to bring prosperity and wealth, helping to remedy financial hardship and release any fears that may be blocking your pathway to achieving success. When you want to bring abundance, prosperity and wealth into your life, wear the Affluence wrap. This bracelet clears anything blocking your path to success and financial health. 


The Affluence Wrap Bracelet was designed with your success in mind! Enrich your spirit, and prosperity will follow -- that’s the philosophy behind the Affluence Bracelet.  Wearing this bracelet allows you to constantly connect with the energy of affluence, prosperity, and abundance, whatever that means to you.It strengthens your confidence by teaching you that life is full of abundance and endless opportunities. Tuning into this idea of abundance shifts your perspective on finances and hard work away from being a burden, and redirects you to think about how much joy you can bring yourself with what you have.The Affluence Wrap is made with Pyrite, which is often referred to as fool’s gold because of its golden color and can be mistaken for real gold. Pyrite is known to remedy a financial hardship and will help you attract abundance. It encourages you to make wise financial decisions and guides you towards taking action on the correct path. It also helps to release any fears that may be in your way of achieving success and greatness.

Pyrite increases your willpower and motivation, providing you with the energy to seek  opportunities that will bring you success. It also helps you realize that even the smallest of opportunities can bring great success and fulfillment. Let the pyrite meaning help you take action toward your goals. It fills your spirit with the confidence and determination you need to go after what you want and attract good fortune. Release any self-limiting beliefs or negativity holding you back from success and prosperity. Pyrite helps you tune into a higher vibration to be on the frequency of affluence. Once you raise your frequency, the pyrite energy infuses your spirit with commitment and perseverance to stay focused on achieving your goals.

Affirmation: I am lucky and abundant. I attract success and abundance.

Due to the nature of crystals, all the beads will vary slightly in shape, size, color and pattern.


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