Meet Heather Askinosie

When co-founder of Energy Muse, Heather Askinosie started her spiritual journey with crystals, she had no idea where it would lead her. Born in a small beach town in Southern California, Heather certainly wasn’t raised with the exotic notions of holistic healing that would come to fascinate her in later years. Though her parents surrounded themselves with a diverse crowd of eclectic free-spirits, the expansive way of thinking they introduced her to didn’t include crystal energy. It wasn’t until after college that Heather had her first experience with crystals.

Down the street from her Manhattan Beach home, an obscure shop of mystical objects opened up. Ever curious, Heather decided to check it out. An Amethyst on the shelf caught Heather’s eye. The woman who owned the store encouraged her to pick it up and feel its energy. Though she had know idea what the woman meant by that, Heather did what she said. In fact, Heather stood there clutching the amethyst until the store was ready to close. She was completely unaware of how much time had passed. The intense connection she felt with this stone was unlike anything she’d ever experienced, and something Heather knew she needed to pursue. That was the beginning of her spiritual quest.

For years, Heather travelled the world to remote locations, seeking the wisdom of shamans and healers. The more she learned about holistic healing, the deeper Heather fell into a lifestyle that made her home life as a real-estate agent seem like a distant memory. She began experimenting with energy work in her spare time, implementing ancient Feng Shui techniques into the homes she sold. Eventually, that innate need to experiment with energy lead Heather to begin crafting crystal jewelry. Through combining ancient symbolism, crystal energy and numerology, she was able to unlock new energetic possibilities.

Even though Heather had built a successful career in real-estate, she decided to follow her intuition, and leave it all behind so that she could devote herself entirely to this new spiritual path. Word of mouth had begun to spread about the power of Heather’s Prosperity Necklace. Heather was opening people up to be receptive to the energy of abundance. When they connected to the crystals with an open-mind, the energy of their intention synced with the energy of the crystal to awaken things within them that they’d shut themselves off to. Heather’s reputation was growing, and the demand for her crystal jewelry was surpassing her ability to create, cleanse and charge her products.

That’s when she turned to her longtime best friend, Timmi Jandro, to help her make her vision and reality. In 2000, Heather and Timmi established Energy Muse as a conscious lifestyle brand set out to help people reach their highest energetic potential with crystal energy. Now, with over two decades of spiritual research and crystal expertise, Heather has become one of the world’s leading influencers in crystals and holistic healing.

What’s a non-negotiable daily routine?

Upon waking up, I drink a glass of Shungite infused water. Then I light all the incense and candles at the altars around my house. To set the energy of my space, I sage the house, turn on Tibetan mantras, and pour water into all of the offering bowls. For 20 minutes, I meditate or do a Kundalini Kriya. This all takes about an hour to do in the morning, and with kids and everything else that I have going on, it can be pretty exhausting, but it also calms me down and makes for a smooth transition into the rest of my day. Before I leave the house, I make sure to drink my morning adaptogens and take a handful of supplements to boost my brain function and energy. Of course, a cup of bulletproof coffee with brain octane is a morning must!

What’s your favorite crystal and why?

My favorite crystal changes all the time. When I am attracted to a new crystal I love to learn everything I can about it. I wear it constantly; sleep with it, hold it while meditating. The more time I spend with it the more I tune into the crystals wisdom and vibrational energy. Some crystals stay on my favorite list for a short time while others can hold that top spot for years.

I currently have two crystals that hold the number one position—because you know I can’t choose just one!

Selenite is a form of gypsum crystal named after the Greek Goddess of the moon, Selene. I call it “liquid light” because the bright energy that flows from Selenite can cleanse, stabilize and balance the emotional body. I see Selenite as one of Mother Nature’s most magnificent creations. One of the largest Selenite is inside a Naica mine, weighs around 55 tons and is estimated to be 50,000 years old according to a NASA researcher.

Shungite is said to be a billion years old. For that reason alone, it stays at my #1! It’s also super rare, and can only be found in one place on Earth—in a remote part of Russian called, Karella. Composed almost entirely of pure carbon, Shungite is the only known mineral on Earth to contain ‘fullerenes”. The discovery of fullerenes by three scientists earned them a nobel prize in chemistry in 1996. They have the ability to reduce the concentration of free radicals, act against toxins by neutralizing the body, protect and transform EMF’s and purify water.

What was your first crystal experience and how did you know it was working?

It happened 25 years ago when I walked into a metaphysical store. The first time I laid eyes on a crystal and held one in my hands it was over for me. Without being over dramatic it was love at first sight. I love the look, feel, history and mystery each one exuded. It knew the crystal was working because I lost track of time as I stood there soaking in its vibration. I felt connected to the world of invisible energy in a tangible form, and from then on, I was hooked.

Meet Timmi Jandro

When Heather Askinosie wanted to transform the success of her Prosperity Necklace into a brand of diverse crystal healing products, there was only person she thought to call—Timmi Jandro. Though Heather and Timmi are best friends who grew up together, the paths they took in their early adult lives could not have deviated farther from one another. While Heather’s path led her to remote villages on a spiritual quest, Timmi’s journey brought her to the garment district.

As a merchandiser, Timmi learned every aspect of the garment industry. She became well acquainted with how sales and operations functioned in a well-runned business. But even while her career flourished, Timmi had a nagging feeling that she could be doing more. The cutthroat nature of garment industry had hardened Timmi. Jaded after 12 years in the fast-paced business world, she decided to leave with no plan other than to find something more fulfilling.

Timmi returned to the seaside vibes of Manhattan Beach, California, where she grew up. That’s where Timmi and Heather’s paths once again collided. Living in Manhattan Beach, Heather, too, had lost enthusiasm for her career. Both were seeking more than money from their occupation. Heather confided in Timmi—telling her about the journey she’d been on, learning about holistic healing from shamans and experimenting with those techniques at home. Timmi was intrigued. As someone with a regular religious practice, spirituality was not foreign to Timmi, crystal energy was most certainly a new concept for her. Knowing that Timmi was a skeptic, Heather asked her to test out the energy of a crystal necklace which she’d created for prosperity. Like the nine other people that Heather had given the necklace to, Timmi experienced an unexpected occurrence of wealth - a job offer.

As word-of-mouth about this necklace began to spread, Heather turned to Timmi to help her get it produced. This was the opportunity that Timmi had been looking for. Not only would she be able to use her business expertise, but working with Heather to empower people through the energy of crystals meant that Timmi wouldn’t be at risk of falling into the same jaded rut that she’d found herself in working in before. Within a week, Timmi and Heather had the Prosperity Necklace in mass production. And from there, Energy Muse has continued to grow.

What’s a non-negotiable daily routine?

Every morning when I wake up, I do my daily alignments. Different from my weekly alignment with my chiropractor, in my morning routine, I spend 20 minutes laying on a Biomat—an amethyst enlaced mat that heats up and re-calibrates you. I do this to adjust my neck posture with a neck pump. It looks kind of like a torture chamber, but it helps that at the same time, I am reading my daily inspiration journals. Then, after centering myself, I write down three things that I’m grateful for. I like to make my son an amazing breakfast, and for myself I enjoy sipping on lemon water and taking my MCT oil. Either on a walk, or on the way to work, I’ll do the rosary. Touching the beads and repeating the prayers helps me to get into a better place mentally so that I can take on the day. Then when I return from work, I like to document everything that happened in my day. I’ve kept daily logs since high school, although Heather likes to note that I’ve been documenting since elementary school when I’d write down what outfit I wore that day. Then I’ll lie back on the biomat for another 20 minutes before bed. I like to sleep with a small piece of selenite in my sports bra.

What’s your favorite crystal and why?

I came into this world with a throat chakra problem. Not just in the rasp of my voice, but in my ability to convey what I’m thinking without holding back. Blue Lace Agate relieves the tension that I hold in my throat chakra, and allows me to articulate my thoughts with passion and candor.

What was your first crystal experience?

Some people might be surprised that I’ve been working with Energy Muse for over 17 years, but it wasn’t until 2 years ago that I really started connecting with crystals on a deeper level. I loved crystals, but I didn’t have a profound experience with them until I was going through a difficult time in my life. I wanted desperately to heal, but couldn’t. The crystals helped me to realize that before I could heal, I needed to feel. They helped me to confront all of the feelings that I had been repressing by bringing them to the surface.