Palo Santo Uses

Palo Santo Uses

Every country has its botanical treasures, the greatest of which are so important to the society that they become pillars of the culture. In South America, Palo Santo Wood is one such treasure. The Palo Santo uses and healing powers are so numerous that it has been part of the South American culture for centuries. Its smoke is so powerful that it has become a staple in sacred rituals, becoming an essential energy tool for Shamans and saints alike. And its aroma is just incredible—very fresh smelling with hints of mint and citrus—proving to be one of the most fragrant woods in the world. Because of the extraordinary blessings that it bestows on those who have the good fortune to use it, over time, plant-medicines, such as Palo Santo Wood, have reached divine-like status in the hearts and minds of people all over the world.

Palo Santo Uses and Benefits

Palo Santo is a sacred wood that comes from the magical Palo Santo tree, native to the coast of South America. Its name literally means holy wood, and it is just that. When it is burned, the smoke is believed to have both medicinal and therapeutic healing power. Traditionally, it is burned by Incas, indigenous people of the Andes, Shamans and medicine people for spiritual purifying, energy cleansing and healing. Some of the most well-known Palo Santo uses include inspiring creativity, evoking protection, infusing blessings and bringing both love and good fortune. It is a wonderful tool to use before and during your meditation. Its uplifting scent helps to raise your vibration to bring a deeper connection to the Earth and your divine source.

For physical healing, Palo Santo benefits include relieving symptoms of common colds, stress, headaches, anxiety, inflammation, emotional trauma and more. It is also wonderful for setting and sealing in your intentions with. We also like to use it while clearing our crystals and our jewelry!

One of the most amazing aspects of the magical Palo Santo Wood is that it is wild harvested by a family that has planted over 30,000 trees in Ecuador over the last 10 years. The Palo Santo wood comes from naturally fallen trees and branches that lie dead for 4-10 years before they are harvested. This ensures a very high-quality product that is constantly surrounded by love and respect.

How to Use Palo Santo

The Palo Santo uses will provide energetic protection, remove any bad energy, uplift your spirit and fill your home with blessings.

  1. Light your Palo Santo stick.
  2. Let the stick catch fire, and allow it to burn for about 30 seconds. Then, gently blow out the flame. If needed, you can blow on the embers to keep the smoke going throughout the process.
  3. Say aloud or silently, “I ask that the plant spirit of Palo Santo please infuse this space with blessings.”
  4.  To fill your space with blessings, start at the front door and walk clockwise through it with your Palo Santo. To bless yourself, your space or crystals, simply allow the smoke and rich smell of the Palo Santo to fill the room.
  5. When you are finished, place your Palo Santo stick in a fireproof container. The glow at the end of the stick will eventually go out on its own. Unlike conventional incense, which burns out completely after lighting it, your Palo Santo wood may be relit many, many times.

You can buy Palo Santo wood on our website, as well as Palo Santo Incense.


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  • Reply September 7, 2015


    I am a pranic healer very new to the metaphysical world. I pulled back from it briefly after my father passed. I had helped him manage his pain through energy healing when the medication for his Cancer no longer seemed to help. I was more advanced than I was ready for, and so I pulled away from the practice for some time.

    While I was considering re-entering, I went to festival on Venice beach. It was a S.E. Asian festival, but a woman from South America approached me in a crowd of many people, and said I would want one of her Palo Santo sticks. Curious, I purchased one. Even burned it a couple of times. I noticed it smelled nice. I didn’t study the actual stick to much. Today, when I went to move it, I noticed the number 6 handwritten on the other end of it. Should I be concerned, and if so, what should I do with it?

    • Reply September 8, 2015


      Hi Alexis! Thank you for your comment. I know you said that you didn’t study the Palo Santo stick much when you first looked at it, but is it possible that the handwritten 6 was there the entire time? I don’t think that it is any cause for concern, it may have just been a system that the woman had for keeping for keeping track of them.

  • Reply December 19, 2015

    Adrik Henkle

    As far as cleansing a house, what are the benefits of Palo Santo vs Sage?

  • Reply January 31, 2016


    I’m moving soon. For cleansing a home, should I use sage or Palo Santo?

    • Reply February 1, 2016


      Definitely sage your new home before you move in!

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  • Reply January 7, 2017


    Hi there , today l purchased this smells amazing and really hope that it benefits me greatly as l feel no matter what decisions l make or what turns l take in life it just never works out for me in person who always helped others and at moment I’m feeling so alone and feel that people just don’t like be around me for some reason and like I’m cursed it doesn’t matter how nice l am or what l say people just don’t like me maybe my past life l done something terrible so I’m hoping this works for me please no jokes or critism as I’m someone who has been through a lot and just want peace xxx

    • Reply January 17, 2017


      Burning Palo Santo will help to bring harmony and blessings into your space as well as your life! Are you regularly cleansing your space with sage? We would recommend sage first to cut through any negativity or unwanted energy and then Palo santo to bring in the blessings, light and fresh energy.

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  • Reply October 7, 2017

    Heidi Dodpapas

    Sage has opposite effect on my house. Fights break out, ugly things said…so i do not follow the sage smudging anymore. Yesterday i found palo santo holy wood…i burned some first thing once arriving home. I felt happier than I’ve ever felt in years. All negitive is gone. The ❤️ for my husband is back…this stuff is amazing.

    • Reply April 13, 2018

      Tonya McIntosh

      Interesting, I feel the same way about sage when I burn it. It’s like something is not quite right and I feel crumby. You are the only other person I’ve come across like this.

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