Healing Crystals to Help You Sleep

crystals to help you sleep

Are you someone who struggles to fall asleep at night? You find yourself tossing and turning all night and you end up staring at the ceiling all night because you just cannot sleep. We have all been there at some point and it is so frustrating!! The search to find natural ways to help sleep can be daunting and unfulfilling—many times overpromising on the results. This was our main inspiration behind our Restful Nights Crystals, which are a little bag of crystals to help you sleep. We get asked on a weekly basis about having crystals for sleep and we are every excited to finally bring you a product that we are confident can help with your sleep problems.

Amethyst, Quartz Crystal and Selenite are the most powerful crystals to help you sleep. They help you to actually get a good night’s rest and sleep through the night (for once!). Amethyst stones bring soothing and calming energies that help you to relax. They work to absorb and repel all negative energies, ridding your body of stress, anxiety, nervous energies and frustration about not being able to fall asleep. Placing Amethyst under your pillow before you go to sleep also increases your dreams, helps you remember your dreams and chases away nightmares.

Quartz Crystal helps to ensure that you will have pleasant dreams while you are asleep. It is an energizing and activating gemstone that works to magnify the properties of any crystals touching it—meaning it will magnify the healing energies of the Amethyst and Selenite in the crystal bag. Quartz Crystal stones can also help you to focus on your dreams. Before you go to sleep, hold your quartz crystals in your hang and think about any problems that you may have. When you fall asleep with the crystals under your pillow, they will help your mind work through these issues while you are asleep.

Selenite is one of the best crystals for insomnia because it actively helps to battle it. It surrounds your body with protective energy while you are sleeping, cleansing and rejuvenating your aura while you are asleep so you awaken feeling rested and refreshed. Selenite is actually one of the crystals that we recommend that everyone has in their home because it carries such a high vibration. The selenite in the bag will also work to constantly cleanse and reactivate the crystals that are touching it, keeping them energized and free of negative energy. Since Selenite is one of the best crystals to help you sleep, we recommend that you also place a Selenite Cleansing Stone (or a few!) under your pillow with your Restful Nights Crystals.

These powerful crystals to help you sleep provide an alternative to taking over the counter sleep medicines. Finding natural ways to help sleep is always better than taking medication because it will help to reprogram your mind and body to create better and more positive sleep habits. Make sure that before you go to sleep, you let go of all the pent up frustration of not being able to sleep. That was in the past and in order to move forward, you must let go of it! Sit quietly and hold your crystals for sleep in both your hands. Breathe in and visualize the highest white light, feeling the healing and light energy of the crystals. Set your intention for your crystals, saying it aloud. Your crystals are listening and ready for you to use. Place them under your pillow, or on your nightstand if they are uncomfortable under your pillow, before you go to sleep.

For a couple other tips to help you sleep, check out our blog post, How to Fall Asleep Faster Naturally.


  • Reply September 15, 2015


    Great article and info! I will try sleeping with selenite tonight. I’m not sure about amethyst though. I believe from the few crystals I put under my pillow last night, it gave me nightmares. After researching a bit, I read that amethyst helps bring the subconscious to light, even if it means it coming up in nightmares.. Which I guess is good in a way but I want a nightmare-free sleep tonight. Hopefully selenite will work 😉

    • Reply February 7, 2016


      Danna i concur with you about amethyst! I started out with more amethyst pieces than anything else beginning my PHENOMENAL collection and I decided to sleep with a few pieces of it under / inside of my pillow case and for the most part of 2014 I had all kinds of nightmares / awakenings / awareness of what im REALLY feeling & others are feeling about me that were upsetting/sad/angry/mad/scary/misleading and on and on in negative ways! YUCK one day I just decided to try some other stones that I’d read about that are positive helpers for sleeping so I purchased blue kyanite/ fire agate and rose quartz & put them underneath the 4 corners of my mattres. I got picture & mookaite jasper / chrysocolla / in sheer nylon like baggies inside of my pillowcases now with brown otherwise known as natural tourmaline on each corner on the ground of my bed, this positively profound protective/ uplifting/ intuitive/ age defying and many more properties of each stone/crystal has led me to some of THEE MOST fanstastic joyous mind boggling in a good way dreams/awakening/awarenesses and more! it’s in YOUR FINEST interest to research these stones/crystals before using them. NO MORE amethyst for me under my pillows YUCK! however they are a joy to have around in the livingroom & other areas of my home.

      • Reply February 15, 2016


        Thanks for the info!! 😀

        • Reply January 11, 2017


          hAPPy New year 2017 DANNA! ive been using the SAME formula since this post HOWEVER what’s strange is lately ive been having not so good dreams SOOOO ive put them out under the NEW moon that’s in waxing gibbous stage so all the crystals that stay under my mattress are being cleansed out in the NEW moon then ill program them attune and align them to what i desire and allow them to be supportive of me … tonight tho im sleeping with amber pieces carnelian and some turquoise under the mattress on each four corner i look forward to feeling how that goes LoL… are you using anything new?

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  • Reply January 29, 2016


    kinda new to this, looking forward to learning.

  • Reply June 4, 2016


    Meditation can slow the constant irritating thought processes and makes you fall asleep easily.

  • Reply June 4, 2016


    I heard about sound healing meditation , has anyone tried it?

  • Reply November 3, 2016

    Jackie Oliver

    It’s amazing how crystal healing can help you get a better night’s sleep! It’s cool how certain crystals help more than others. For years how, I have struggled with sleeping at night. I would love to try something like this, especially a selenite. It sounds like the benefits are outstanding!

  • Reply April 6, 2017

    Raven Flame


    Hi there, Love your blog! I find GemOlogy fascinating and mystifying…

    I have question:

    I am confused about the potential negative effects of using crystals which are not my birthstone. If use my birthstone (onyx) in conjunction with the sleep crystal bag set I am worried about DE-structive energies from tthe combination of crystals with competing vibrations. (As I read elsewhere.)
    It is well accepted that birthstones are the primary source of healing energies as they are so closely synchronised us, so I keep mine under mine my pillow every night.

    Can I use the sleep crystal set safely? I am worried about interfering with my birthstone energies which I have become atuned to over many cycles.

    Thanks! I look forward to receiving your knowledge!


    • Reply April 12, 2017


      Hi Raven! You can DEFINITELY use your sleep crystals safely. We believe in using curated combinations of crystals specific to your needs at that time in your life. Whatever you are feeling your body needs at that time period is right for you. Just feel it! Don’t get caught up in what things say 🙂 If it feels right, then it is right.

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  • Reply June 24, 2017

    Ravi Shankar

    Very useful information. Commonly, manuals are not provided with the products.
    Articles like these are a supplement to users.
    Short and point to article.

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